Nokia N95 8GB

Nokia N95 8GB

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  • rik

> In reply to Naeem a @ 2014-01-13 14:10 from vEcX - click to readplease your nokia n95 software update...........and then support ovis all software

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  • 2014-02-12 07:07
  • ut6E

I am still using mineg I have a white housing put on a black phone. I use Nokia Maps as a sat nav, sports tracker as a fitness app, Spotify, Opera Mini Browser, Profimail and Googasync to sync my Google Calendar. It is pretty much a fully functional smartphone. I have whatsapp on my tablet but it would be supported if I needed it. I can also tether to my laptop and Android tablet. Battery not amazing but better than my HTC and at least it is replaceable.

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  • 2014-01-29 20:54
  • 32Tf
  • jaidev

hii i am jaidev.. my nokia n95 8gb's slide is doesnt work properly. i also put a new slide in it but it also not succssful.

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  • 2014-01-22 15:59
  • 2@2k
  • Naeem a

helow dear my nokia n95 also not work good and its off automatically and in this main problem is skype is not download .
please tell me some basic suggestion and tell me now

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  • 2014-01-13 14:10
  • vEcX
  • iddy hussein

i like it's screen resolution

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  • 2014-01-12 10:42
  • NX5T
  • sk

my nokia n95 slider is not working properly

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  • 2014-01-11 08:17
  • 2SLW
  • Anonymous

> In reply to Peter B @ 2013-12-26 17:04 from nvHx - click to readTry hard reset if you havent yet. Command code is *#7370#
Make sure that you have full battery or plug your phone into your battery charger when doing hard reset. Might be good idea to first back up your files before you begin.

If this doesnt help at all, then you probably need to buy new battery.

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  • 2014-01-11 00:11
  • pvNX
  • Anonymous

> In reply to san 7276833526 @ 2013-09-02 09:38 from bEKW - click to readNope, no support for HD quality videos.
Internet browsing is quite slow, but still acceptable in my opinion.
I use Opera mobile browser, better than stock internet browser.

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  • 2014-01-11 00:04
  • pvNX
  • Anonymous

> In reply to Shakil Prince @ 2013-09-05 06:41 from tet$ - click to readN95 8gb uses xenon flash instead of regular LED light. So you cannot use any torch applications to make camera the brighter flash to work as torch, phone wont allow it. If you somehow succes to force the camera xenon to work as torch, result will be overheating and burned out flash.

If you use torch application, you can only use the weaker red colored camera flash as torch, but red colored flash light is too weak and wont help to see anything. With torch applications you can also use main screen as torch.
One good working torch application is S60SpotOn.

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  • 2014-01-10 23:51
  • pvNX
  • Peter B

How do I reload and install Symbian OS 9.2, S60 rel. 3.1 or newer op? Battery unload too fast.
Peter B

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  • 2013-12-26 17:04
  • nvHx
  • Omid

> In reply to jane @ 2013-11-10 16:40 from 3xyy - click to readLike you I moved to iphone 4S after Nokia N95 8GB!!!!

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  • 2013-12-23 14:24
  • j0c1
  • Dave

> In reply to Goran @ 2013-06-01 14:17 from 0U@3 - click to readIf your front camera is not working, the ribbon cable may be broken.

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  • 2013-12-13 21:49
  • 3Wmt
  • poo

super phone and camera In low light also

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  • 2013-11-29 15:47
  • rJxx
  • jain

This model is a type of use and throw No value after break down

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  • 2013-11-27 05:43
  • utqG
  • jane

My first ever smartphone. Bought it on boxing day 2007. I loved it soooo much. It had the best camera and music player, and had GPS and 3.5G etc., so awesome back then. Served me very well for 4 years until I got iPhone 4S. Thinking of buying a Nokia Lumia next.

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  • 2013-11-10 16:40
  • 3xyy
  • Alon

the best of it's kind ever!!

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  • 2013-11-08 09:42
  • ncWq
  • rokachandra

my phone n95 8gb donot show 8gb mass memory after i clean the board with petrol, any solution please help me with true solution.

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  • 2013-10-31 10:28
  • t@Jj
  • PMC

it does not switch on

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  • 2013-10-17 09:53
  • Sbcq
  • Anonymous

> In reply to prince @ 2013-09-12 09:25 from 4fLJ - click to readit supports whatsapp! only works when switched to gsm netwrk mode thou

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  • 2013-10-11 21:22
  • Gfuu