Sony Ericsson K770 review: Cyber-shot in the middle

27 September 2007
Cyber-shot branded phones have been keeping us busy lately. Just as we gave you the 5-megapixel K850, the exciting new recruit Sony Ericsson K770 is on hand. Now, if K850 is the new star on the Cyber-shot team, the Sony Ericsson K770 is the...

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  • Nafees Ahmed

Dear sir can help me, I have same phone with me i went to change the pineal can help i an in Bangalore, any service centar


i think sony ericsson k770i is more qualitative than k800i because it is more portable and respectable which it has a good look

  • Anonymous

I've had this phone for about 18 months, without any problems. I use it mainly for calls, texts and camera. The camera is great, especially outdoors, and I have regularly printed to standard size photos from it, transferring via bluetooth. I'm not light-handed with phones, and this has survived several drops. It now has virtually no paint left on the keys, and a few scratches on the screen, but it has been in my keys pocket a few times! The cover over the lens works very well and has kept it scratch free. I wasn't very keen on the web browser, but Opera mini runs on it very nicely. Overall, this is a great little phone, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to someone willing to have a slightly dated camera phone.

  • j

ive been using this fone 4 3mnths....... it is great

  • irshad

slim and nice design for a ladies for very handy

  • shonzy

why does everyone moan so much. A phones a phone at the end of the day. as long as it can phone and receive calls im happy. Plus mine was free so who cares what it does! i dont!

  • adnan

No PLAY/PAUSE button which is very inconvenient.

  • MJ

I've had my K770i for several months now and it has a really annoying bug where sometimes it decides there's no longer a memory card installed, I then have to switch it off, take the card out and put it back in and switch it back on before it recognises there's a card there (I'm using the one that came with it). It seems to do this at least once a month and I haven't found a fix and whenever I check for new software it says I have the most up-to-date version (1201-7597 R8AB001 070822). Does anybody else have this problem?

  • Anonymous

the camera isn't goood, u can't really zoom in 3 or 2 or 1 MP mode only in VGA which makes ur pictures worthless and hey, u can ONLY 3x zoom not the 16x 3MP zoom mentioned on this site....

  • yangxi

What other se model that use the same battery as k770i?
battery Li-Po 930mAh (BST-38)?

  • Anonymous

xenon flash is better than led flash.... as led flash just acts as a mini torch , but xenon flash gives better light while using camera , especially in the dark... the difference can also be seen... led is a bit yellowish... but xenon is totally white... k810 has xenon flash... compare the pics to know the difference...

  • Muhammad Moosa

Ye, it can support upto 2GB memory.

  • vbk

pleaese...if any 1 can tell me whthet it can support a memory card og 1 GB or more...pleasetelll........please reply to

  • Ian

Can You Get this phone in O2 And Pay As You Go ??

How Much Is It??

  • Anonymous

What is the difference between led flash and xenon flash?

  • Anonymous

LOL in my country it even worse
k800i costs 350 usd and k770i cost 450 usd

  • Anonymous

@ SAN6672
i believe that you should call your network operator / carrier. it's not K770's fault.

btw, just as i thought, the price of this phone is about US$20 higher than the brand new K800i here (K770 = US$250 vs K800i = US$230).
i doubt that it will sell well (unless they stop the distribution of the good ol' K800i).

  • josh

at fundo81, the season why SE dont use the 16 million color screen is cause it would drain the battery life, the screen would need more juice to display that amount of color.. SE would stay with the 265k for now..

  • SAN6672

I've just received the K770i and find that it only rings 5 times before going to voice mail (real pain when in handbag and can't find it!) Does anyone know if it's possible to increase the amount of times the phone rings?

  • Alxx

After read through many web reports about K770i, finally i bought one. Then realized "The camera cannot support zoom when taking still image!!!", but View Cam supports zoom. (This matter has not brought up by any web-reports, neither English web nor Chinese Web reports!!)

When taking still pictures, I need to walk towards/away from the object, just imagine how stupid am I when taking scenaric objects with this fixed X1 cybershot camera!!

Return to the shop, the stall keepers show me that when taking still pictures at VGA mode(The camera has 4 image modes: 3M; 2M; 1M & VGA(I guess VGA=0.3M pixel), the digital zoom enables, variable from 1X to 4X...

My old K750i even perform much more better than this (about zoom function). Test my friend's K810i, both modes support Digital zoom.

My rating... A regret choice!!