MWC 2011: HTC overview

15 February, 2011
The HTC MWC press conference saw the announcements of six Android-running devices. We’ve got five new smartphones and the Flyer tablet that should help strengthen the HTC positions within the Android family. The show really got going when...

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  • Anonymous

PPM, 16 Feb 2011I think I need to defend HTC a little here. I was a bit disappo... morewell said. looking at the new models from that angle, it DOES make sense.. :-)

  • ssss

Im disappointed
mostly because they removed the trackball/pad
which IMO is really handy.
I think ill swap my desire for a Galaxy S2 when it comes out

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Feb 2011HTC seems to be running in circles. Nothing REALLY new. The ... moreThis excellent HTC tablet has a capacitive touch screen, don't think it's resistive because of the pen.
How can you pinch to zoom on a resistive touch screen?

  • PPM

I think I need to defend HTC a little here. I was a bit disappointed with the lack of new features in their 's' phones but I think that they are actually being quite smart. After a year it would be hard to bring out a ground breaking phone compared to the desire. While there are now dual core processors etc there is not really a use for them yet. Gaming is the obvious one but these are smartphones not gameboys. I think that HTC will be working hard towards real innovation for next year. If they had rushed out products that were buggy and expensive it would have been far worse for their reputation. I think that they are playing the long game on this one PLUS with the majority of phone contracts heading towards 24 months, they can afford to have a longer refresh period.

  • Anonymous

HTC seems to be running in circles. Nothing REALLY new.

The tablet is the most fail.
0:12: the guy thinks he is using an iPad. lol
You can see how bad idea is a resistive screen on a tablet.

Does Android apps run fine at 1024x768?

  • rebel

where is wp7?

  • Anonymous

Copycat, 15 Feb 2011And how these vary from Samsung's, LG's etc. Android phones? Ide... moresame looking android crap,you obviously haven't looked at wp7 properly at all,microsofts extreme strict hardware and design requirements means every windows phone is almost the exact same as its competitors wp7 phone,only the slight variation from manufacturer to manufacturer.

On a different note i must mention how lazy HTC has suddenly become,these phones are almost the exact same as their predecessors last year,no innovation whats so ever and completely resting on their laurels.Its no wonder htc have dropped out of the number 4 spot in top hone manufacturers list.

Iphone users have been stuck with this awful situation year on year of minimal upgrades to their phone in 'new' models but fortunately android gives a wealth of alternatives so you don't have to get suckered by a particular company

  • Anonymous

Tablet without honeycomb, some android phones only at froyo, no dual-core, same old boring designs, no 1080HD video, HTC at 2011 MWC=FAIL

  • Copycat

And how these vary from Samsung's, LG's etc. Android phones? Identical, only diff is the label. Booooring. Cant wait Nokia's firts WP7 phone. I want something different. All my homies have these same looking Android crap.

  • E

Yeah, not a great showing from HTC. The S series just comes across as kind of a ripoff, the Facebook phones are a nice idea but seem poorly executed, and the Flyer not having Honeycomb is utterly criminal. Samsung at least learned from their experience with the original Tab, and came back with a vengeance.

  • Jesper

So HTC and Sony Ericsson are staying single core while Samsung, LG and Motorola have all ventured into dual core territory.

I can't help but speculating that the latter three have jumped the gun on this one. Android isn't ready for dual core, except for 3.0, which isn't intended for phones.

It may come in an update to a phone specific 3.0 or whatever, and it may not.

There is a lot of hype an PR in being FIRST, but is it also the best for the customers.

From what I have heard of the first impression with the X2 we are talking 12 hours of battery time. That is just sad.

It is annoying since I like to be on the bleeding edge. but if I am left with a premature release then perhaps I should stick with a single core solution for now.

And since both SE and HTC have been some of the closest partners with Google I am convinced that when Google is ready with a dual core mobile OS, HTC and SE will have the phones as well.

  • gig

HTC is going down.

  • ddsb

the only phone worth the salt is desire s but then it lacks a good camera. As for speed the 1.2 ghz processor will justify it.

  • g

HTC is quickly losing innovation pace compared to the likes of Samsung and Motorola even though HTC had the higher ground with Android in the beginning. I expect this to continue.

  • Anonymous

htc salsa: you know it's bad when a calculator looks so much better than a phone....

  • Hmmm

The ChaCha looks like an old fashioned calculator. Do not want.

very poor performance ... except for the facebook phones i think the S line is fail already.. its year for dual core or 3D !!! htc lacks both... im v dissappointed :(

  • Anonymous

Smartphone poor, tablet is nice mind, love the stylus idea !

Its nice to hear this from HTC but with not so much major updates, cant say much about 2011 will bring them..

  • Donga

Pure dissapointment on new smartphone line up...