Mobile phone usage report 2011: The things you do

02 May 2011
A few weeks back we asked some questions to find out how you, our readers, are using your phone. Now we are back with the answers and they have some pretty interesting stories to tell. Did you ever wonder what kind of phone usage is normal? We seem to have a pretty good idea...

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joonius, 02 May 2011I find it funny that there's a tiny hint of yellow (I would if I... moreNevermind... I forgot that it costs a lot in some places. Take my unlimited city call for granted... lol

I find it funny that there's a tiny hint of yellow (I would if I could) on the category "making calls" lol

  • nick

excellently presented information!

i am surprised at the alck of use for weight loss programs. I use one all the time and im only 19! trying to lose the beer belly before uni.

  • JesperSP

I'm really puzzled about the podcast/audiobook low score. I listen to podcasts all the time, but I guess I'm an old-fart with a Nokia N82. Also I have actually used fring on my phone to skype with my parents, so I am glad that front-facing cameras are now also becoming standard on Android phones. Once video-calling on phones become generally available I think people will start to use it more.
I'm also surprised that GPS/mapping usage is apparently low in Europe, the former stronghold of Nokia with their free mapping services.

  • Lucian

This's fascinating. Well done GSMArena.

  • Anonymous

see apple fanboys we DON'T NEED video calling, its a great concept(that btw was invented by nokia and u just changed the word into facetime) bt in principle its useless on a mobile device

Just one word "Excellent"

  • bananapa

nice one!

Excellent work GSMArena!!!!I was amazed to see this article on 12 pages!!!
And even the results came out also amazing...let's say that the internet part and SNS didn't seemed strange because I see on a daily basis that people connect to Facebook all the time,no matter they have wifi or not...but some thing like e-books did amazed me,I thought that this would become popular...think I was wrong...
All in all great review and I hope that some mobile manufactures will use this survey for more modern smartphones for us :)

  • kgjg

You didn't include "Make Skype calls" and "Use as an interval timer"(HIIT rules)

  • pista prabhu

excellent analysis. hats off gsmarena!