IFA 2012: Samsung overview

29 August 2012
Samsung’s Unpacked event at the IFA 2012 expo in Berlin is one of the most looked forward to, mainly because of the Galaxy Note 2 announcement. With all eyes staring at the Samsung’s stage, the company’s CEO presented the Note 2 alongside...

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i got the samsung galaxy note 2 and its great phone

  • prity

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2012 That's very nice,but price is so high.this handset is not better for a logical call

  • Anonymous

That's very nice,but price is so high.

  • Anonymous

what an awesome innovative company.


i see a copycat.

  • behnam

I'll wail until nokia Lumia show,then choise one of this WP device

  • Somebody

Water, 31 Aug 2012Anyone German may help us on this.IFA stans for Internationale FunkAusstellung (International radio exhibition ).

Great products , keep them coming Samsung.

  • Code7248

Please don't be overpriced please don't be overpriced please don't be overpriced please don't be overpriced please don't be overpriced please don't be overpriced please don't be overpriced please don't be overpriced please please PLEASE

dave rogers cock, 30 Aug 2012what does I.F.A stand for??? Anyone German may help us on this.

Samsung is bringing such a fierce competition.I love their Ativ.Who knoweth I might go back to Sam.

  • Anonymous

How come on every note 2 hands-on videos I've seen, the users always have to use the s-pen to click on the '+' button on the top right corner 2-3 times?...is it a bug?

what does I.F.A stand for???

  • Anonymous

Mikelle, 29 Aug 2012Samsung to rule them ALL !wait for optimus g.

guys,its supurb idea from samsung,,,,i am waiting very badly

  • d_leonit

StevexP, 30 Aug 2012The HOX nena mark 2 n quadrant is not updated at all!! The new f... moreI agree, HTC ONE X has with new upgrade from 4.0.3 to 4.0.4 ICS in quadrant up to 6000 points.

It seems to me that the note 2 is not all that big of an upgrade to the note. It's actually lost a bit in terms of screen resolution...

What's so good about it again? Remind me.

crapple, you are so dead now haha..

  • Dee

Take that Apple!

The new camera named galaxy and why it is named after galaxy s3? Is the camera somehow attachable with Samsung galaxy s3?
I heard update of Jelly bean will be released "very soon" for Samsung galaxy s3 but what is the probability of getting OTA update next month? many question in mind still waiting for more information on all those new release at IFA event