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Sagem my500X

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how do i buy it ?

  • Anonymous

sultan, 17 Aug 2008helo when iput a 3gp viedo into my phone it says rejected why be... moreXcuz mi dol!!!!!!itz not a 3G 4ne n neither hv video recrdin!!!! PLIZ READ D SPEC 1ST B4 PROCEDIN!!

  • AS

This phone is like undying one, I have it for like 3 possibly 4, I guess 3 years, it had to suffer a lot, even a house fire and a lot of water and it still works as new one! And looks as almost new one, on;y few scratches on screen.

I love SAGEM! They really are life proof! highest quality.

  • Jakcie

I have had one for over 2 years as a spare on and off phone. It would not break. I am not the most carful of people and have always needed strong phones. Water didnt break it, niether did dropping it. However it did break after i got a new phone and tested its durablity by throwing it from the top window of my house. It still turns on but most setting will not work. Its a great phone.

  • sultan

helo when iput a 3gp viedo into my phone it says rejected why beacuse i converted a youutbe video into 3gp it says rejescted

  • Kazi

hi guys got sagem my501c and been trying to mms but cannot can anyone help me out

  • DJ PBF

It's not a bad phone for the money but it doesn't do Internet with a Virgin sim and the screen on mine mysteriously cracked just two months' into ownership. Sagem refused to repair it so I got rid of it. Terrible customer service.

  • hoskav

Hullo Sagem users. thank yo for buyig and using sagem phones. Iwould like to assure you that your have one of the best phones on the planet.before you complain so much about your pone note that some pics, music have to be converted b4 you load on your fone.sagem plays mp3& aac.very few cam try wma. for video try mpeg4 only and for pics use the standard sagem format,i dont remember its name. I took a pic with nokia n70(2.0mp) and sagem my501c(1.3mp) but sagem gave better quality despite the variatiom of pixel. Try the experimentand let me know, you will be amaze at the magic of this little known fone make(sagem)

  • sultan

I think it really great and i got a camera usb line nd tat woks on th fone but wen i got virgin sim card the internt des not wrk

  • Mahb

i gpt the phone in may. the phones very good easy to use, the cameras great and the music player is loud. the only thing bothering me is that when i recieve a photo from any other phone by bluetooth it doesnt open the file it says it is rejected. if any1 has any solution can u please email me and tell me what 2 do. also some games i download they open but take too long to load and it automatically restarts the phone. the other thing is that when i want to play some games it says cant continue memory full and the phone memory is empty. please let me know if u hav solutions.

  • Anis

hello everyone, I would like to draw attention of SAGEM my 501x users.
First of all I want to buy Sagem phone and am thinking about 700x or 501x, though it seems that I will stay at 501x but I wonder about troubles you have with it and the one of most common things for me is is it able to navigate through menu or something while listening to the music, I also heard that when 2GB or 1Gb SD is entered the phone becomes frozen, is it true? I am grateful for your information.
I know Sagem makes best phones but I need to know it's drawbacks

  • arin

i want to buy it but i have a question
can i use a mp3 file as a ringtone or not?

  • andy v.

LE reglages pour .3gp:
resolution 176*144
video:h.263 bitrate 68kbit/s
audio:amr nb 12kbit/s 8000Hz

  • kooffreh

i've yust got my501X its cool i like it but the problem is it does not accept all types of video files even 3gp files and the idea of video compression should be disregarded and sagem should try to make it a little more flexible

  • Anonymous

Hi! I just bought the MY501X and I'm quite happy with it, but I just have one question. When you add a contact and you take their photo to add to their details, where does the photo get stored? I checked in the folder where all of my photos go by default(My Pictures), but it isn't there. I just need to find out a way to get the photos attached to the contacts off my phone and (e.g.) onto my PC. Does anyone know what to do? I'd really appreciate it. =^D.

  • Anonymous

this is a good phone and is spectacular for the price range. i have one major problem though i have managed to delete the sytem files so if anyone knows what file system the memory is supposed to be and could anyone send me the system files via e-mail or something please? e-mail: (

  • don

i have gt the sagem my501x nd its a great fone but i wanted to knw if u cn fast forward and rewind or use the fone while the music is playing if any 1 has answers please let me know ASAP many thanks

  • Anonymous

does anyone know how to change ringtone from ascending and so on cos cannot figure this out please help

  • ayesha

hey i just bought the sagem my501x because my motorola broke, ive tried puttin music on this phone from windows media it shows on my multimedia a wma but not on my mp3 how do i make it play?

  • Anonymous

I bought a MY501x which is the same as the 500x except for the bluetooth. It only cost 39.99 from the Argos sale.The screen has excellent definition & the bluetooth is rapid. The phone connects to my PC with a standard mini USB,same as my camera,& requires no software.In "My Computer" the phone memory & mini SD card are displayed as removable discs.Files can be dragged & dropped to the card or phone memory.So far I have only been able to play mp3 files wma won't play.The player is loud & clear & can be accessed from a button on the side of the phone,which also operates the camera,or from the keypad.The 1.3mp camera gives acceptable results & so far I have not used the video facility.The batery lasts for several days in standby mode but needs charging more frequently if the player is used a lot.Charging is done via the USB so it can be charged from a mates PC if you don't have your charger with you.The construction is a bit flimsy especially the battery cover but overall it is good value for money.