Samsung F480 preview: First look

GSMArena team, 26 March 2008.

It wasn't that long ago that Samsung introduced the F480 at the MWC in Barcelona. Have you been keeping track of our articles since, you would probably remember how impressed we were with this fella. In fact, Samsung F480 was one of best handsets to debut at the event formerly known as 3GSM. Therefore we deem it unfair that it's stayed out of the spotlight till now.

Samsung new phones Samsung new phones Samsung new phones Samsung new phones
Samsung F480 official photos

Luckily, we are about to fix that. An out-and-out review is in the making but the most impatient of our readers can get a taster with this preview summarizing our first impressions of the handset. It will sure fall short of answering all your questions about performance but a quick peek won't hurt, right.

For starters, check out some Samsung F480 photos - beauty ain't it? As it turns out, there won't be two different versions of the handset as Samsung claimed with the first announcement. Instead, the leather case that was supposed to enfold the second version comes as an accessory in the retail package. This way, all you need to do to switch from leather to case-free is replace the battery cover. That's where the leather case is attached so there's no other way of removing it.

Samsung F480 Samsung F480 Samsung F480 Samsung F480
Samsung F480

We personally do appreciate the caseless version more but the more conservative user might think else. After all, the Samsung P-series earned quite a lot of fans for a good reason. So, no more small talk, let's get busy. We're back to the Samsung F480 ergonomics and construction after the jump.

Samsung F480 Samsung F480
Some more Samsung F480 review photos

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