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Samsung Galaxy Ace 3

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  • Anonymous

Its a reasonably good phone for the first year or so. The processor is good for most casual games but struggles with 3d games, causing repeated crashing.The battery is fairly good and 4g is quite fast as well for a mid range phone. However after 2 years of usage, it has become unbelievably slow and crashes at least few days. It has to be recharged twice a day even with little usage and the screen has lost much of its initial colour and brightness. So, its a nice little phone but does not last.

  • mgali

I like

  • Anonymous

Bazza2016, 26 Feb 2016The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is a terrible phone, one of the worst i... moreIt is nice to use, other people say its not good but I think it is just how you use it, maybe they didn't take care on it so they experience bad on their phone.

Bazza2016, 26 Feb 2016The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is a terrible phone, one of the worst i... moreI've had much the same issues as you. What did you opt for as a replacement?

  • Nicky

This phone is very reliably to me...5star for this :)

  • tom

my Samsung has a full bar for signal but it wont let my call people or the network wont work so I think the phone is crap

The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is a terrible phone, one of the worst i have ever owned.

Phone is incredibly slow and laggy. Touch screen sensitivity is so poor 9/10 times it will launch the wrong app instead one touched. With apps taking a painful eternity to launch and run.

The poor sensitivity of the screen makes texting and emailing almost impossible.

Bluetooth is poor and wifi connectivity is crappy at best and often gets dropped by the and then gets marked as not stable to use.

Battery life is poor these phones get incredibly hot when used for GPS / Calls or Data and battery life just dissapears befoore your eyes.

Slow I have never seen a phone so slow as this one. Its factory 4GB micro SD card is too small to be on any real use.

Phone crashes or freezes almost daily forcing a restart, or having to take the back off pull the battery out in order to reboot the phone.

After three years of this phone constantly annoying me, I finally decided to fix it permanently by taking to it with a heavy metal mallet.

My Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 no longer gives me any problems.

I would advise people to steer well clear of this phone its simply not up to the of modern smartphone use.

  • Anonymous

I own this phone for 2.5 years. It's prettty endurable phone. Drops it for like 2 times while I running and a bunch of times from standing still but it still works like a charm. But I have to move on because 2 main reason: laggy as hell (mainly because of weak Cpu (both 3G and LTE)) and battery life

  • watersmart

Slow and laggy

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2016I cant play Candy Crush Saga on my Ace 3. It starts loading... a... morego to play store download an app which named is ''game changer''


good practical smart phone .flip cover is a must,

  • Anonymous

I cant play Candy Crush Saga on my Ace 3. It starts loading... and then close. I also remove and then again reinstall but the problem persist. Any suggestions???

  • preethi J.M

good phone for good price. everything working smoothly. value for money.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Dec 2015Why cant I send and recieve photos on my ace 3, I have been told... moreIf you hold down the power button it comes up with an option for data network. You just have to select that and turn it on.

  • Anonymous

The Ace3 is a great phone. It does absolutely everything I need from a phone, without being a bulky pocket-full. In 18 months it's been entirely reliable.
The only disadvantage is battery life. If used only for phone & text, then no problem.
But if using internet or some apps (such as SatNav) battery life can be rather short, to the point that I've invested in an extra battery and a mains charger for it, so that I've got a battery on standby just in case.
And that's it - I don't need geeky stuff like KitKat (whatever that is) or any of the other trendy rubbish in the reviews. It does its job admirably. Marks: 8.5/10

  • Anonymous

Why cant I send and recieve photos on my ace 3, I have been told to go back to factory setting as it's a fault with the software, that means I will lose every thing on my phone so I don,t think that is the answer. Any suggestions?

  • Anonymous

worst phone ive ever used, tho it has a good screen and very durable it lags and crashes and the camera is appauling as it takes like 5 seconds just to take a pic

  • Rahoof vpr

What a nice mobile! The ace3 could improve my techcinical skill.It's camera ,smooth and working with out hang touched my heat .you can ..'pls try

  • Anonymous

When do we get kitkat????

  • Usman

How can you identify china and original phone's of samsung