Samsung Galaxy Ace 3

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3

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  • Anonymous

I cant play Candy Crush Saga on my Ace 3. It starts loading... and then close. I also remove and then again reinstall but the problem persist. Any suggestions???

  • preethi J.M

good phone for good price. everything working smoothly. value for money.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Dec 2015Why cant I send and recieve photos on my ace 3, I have been told... moreIf you hold down the power button it comes up with an option for data network. You just have to select that and turn it on.

  • Anonymous

The Ace3 is a great phone. It does absolutely everything I need from a phone, without being a bulky pocket-full. In 18 months it's been entirely reliable.
The only disadvantage is battery life. If used only for phone & text, then no problem.
But if using internet or some apps (such as SatNav) battery life can be rather short, to the point that I've invested in an extra battery and a mains charger for it, so that I've got a battery on standby just in case.
And that's it - I don't need geeky stuff like KitKat (whatever that is) or any of the other trendy rubbish in the reviews. It does its job admirably. Marks: 8.5/10

  • Anonymous

Why cant I send and recieve photos on my ace 3, I have been told to go back to factory setting as it's a fault with the software, that means I will lose every thing on my phone so I don,t think that is the answer. Any suggestions?

  • Anonymous

worst phone ive ever used, tho it has a good screen and very durable it lags and crashes and the camera is appauling as it takes like 5 seconds just to take a pic

  • Rahoof vpr

What a nice mobile! The ace3 could improve my techcinical skill.It's camera ,smooth and working with out hang touched my heat .you can ..'pls try

  • Anonymous

When do we get kitkat????

  • Usman

How can you identify china and original phone's of samsung

  • Zeni

Ahmed, 06 Nov 2015How to know the original mobile by serial number. What the proce... moreA.o.a,please dial *#0*# if this code works and shows colours name,touch,camera etc.buttons its mean your phone is geniun.

  • kevo

it is not better than ace2

  • Ahmed

How to know the original mobile by serial number. What the procedure? Thanks

  • Lakesmagic

Retiree, 11 Oct 2015I have just purchased the galaxy Ace 3 from Telstra. I would lik... moreHi there
Yes I can relate to what you are saying. There is so much information on this phone if you press the incorrect buttons you are up the creek. Go into google there is actually a manual for phone users what I did whenever I had a workman came to the house and do work I asked him a question and learnt the basics very quickly. A handy apps when travelling overseas is I translate.
I was stuck at Genoa solo no one spoke English and I was able to key in the question in English and showed the person the Italian translation it was great.
Good luck
The sellers are keen to sell the phone but if you have ever been in a Telstra shop you are allocated fifteen minutes to ask a question.

  • Retiree

I have just purchased the galaxy Ace 3 from Telstra. I would like to know how to use it. Telstra salesman said, "Just play with it!" That's great if you know the game plan. it is completely foreign to me, and I would like some instructions on how to access all it's amazing features which just come up on the screen with no explanation as to where to go. Why is it so hard to purchase a mobile with instructions on how to use it?

  • Kmf hussain

iit is too good phone to use....but the only one problem is that not much battery life is there.....except this trouble this phone is much good &fast internet connectivity...thats all...

  • Syafiq

I'm using this phone about 4 month maybe. My phone model is Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 LTE. It's different then another phone. There nothing prob. except android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Please upgrade it to 4.4 kitkat or 5.0.1 lollipop. We need improvement. Hope that samsung do it. From five star, i give four.

  • Anonymous

youwish, 08 Jul 2015hahaha i had this phone once. biggest piece of garbage ive ever ... moreI agree

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2015Real waste of time on this phone. It's real hard to cope with lo... moreSame with me so its Going

  • Anonymous

I have just got hold of this phone. Running it on EE an tried it on three be honest its cramped packed with features and at a cheap end mobile its OK But I'm sick off it not responding A Bad buy back to I phone Sorry Samsung

  • dave

i replaced my lcd an screen after dropping it only to find out a wee tiny rubber (black square) came out an i dont have a clue were from an would love to know anyone thanks