Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670

Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670

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  • SaNdy

excellent mobile
4 year continue use Mobile ..
best mobile
2011 last 2016

  • sreejith S..........

good mobile but low internal memory and low battery backup are the problems

  • Anonymous

Nice phone but de internal memory and small ram memory is a big problem....


galaxy fit is excellent in performance .i bought it in 2011,little bit hanging issues,battery is good,if good means bad,i changed 6 times , slow with whatts app., but otherwise excellent.

  • ajayk

very nice phone owsome performance using since june/2011 untill now ..

  • Akhil

I ve purchased it on jan 2012... and till now it is properly working with no complain in any case.

only few times it got hang.. but also got fine soon..
the phones performance is amazing..
and can handle with number of apps installed..not much coz less of RAM..

my other phones got useless after 1 or 2 year.
but this phone is awesome..

  • V.Neeraj Aiyappan

Superb Phone....Bought it on 01/10/2011.....No problem of any kind till date.....Battery Back up very good....Clarity of sound too good....

Battery Lasted for 4 years 11 months.....

Just yesterday changed to a New Samsung Specified "EB494358VU" battery.....Not to replace it for some more years....Thanks Samsung....

  • Anonymous

I've had mine for about 3-4 years now? Still works. I use it for listening to music, and the battery lasts a surprising amount of time compared to more recent phones.

  • Anonymous

mine also working, purchased it in Jan 2012... still going strong...
changed the battery once ... have whatsapp, twitter, and couple of other basic apps.. going strong..

  • Iphone

I loved this phone but it broke so I moved on to Iphone but its an amzing phone

  • Anonymous

My LG G3 is on repair, so I had to start using this antique again (October 2015). However, apart from the storage issues, I'm quite OK with it. Internet is quite fast, Viber, Skype and CSipSimple work side by side in the background without any hiccups. The only thing I'm really missing is Google Voice (Hangouts, not enough space) and reading my books (display resolution is horrific). It is still an OK phone if you primarily use it for communication purposes (phone and VOIP).

  • Anonymous

featute of this phone is not excilence compared to todays phone, bt since three years this phone is working excilence...

  • SEO

How do I download photos from the S5670 to my MacBook?

  • Regalla

MP4 player not working properly

  • user

I found my phone on the ground 3 years ago and since then it has been woorking excelent.

  • Ioana

I have been using this phone since 2011 and i love it :D i usually use USB to transfer data to my laptop

  • money

it's a nice phone and I'm using it since last 4 years and till now I won't suffer with any problem with the handset just like now - a - days Samsung devices. So, overall it's a nice and good phone.

  • sudhanraj

my phone's back key (right bottom side) not working. what is the remady

  • s.mishra

its a nice and user friendly handset . i hv been using dis about 4 years. the only problem i met is its chargin pin. its a damn one and its also not available in the sam care easily.
3g access...great
camera 5mp...superb
the tail is ....weak memory platform...168 mb int memory

  • sunee

its nice cute one