Sony Ericsson C510

Sony Ericsson C510

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hi my phone is not working for internet this is an old version of sonnyericson model c510 when i try it in sends me message box likt internet settings is missing install it now when i try to download its not working is there any one can help me pls?

  • Anonymous

i am buy new soney ericsson cyer shot c510

  • nigga

I hav one in blue and it looks awsome

kekita, 14 Sep 2014I cannot select/save internet setting in c510,why?just get internet pkg on and it works like a charm

still running like a charm. 2 days battery life. a true phone. thanks ericcson. hope sony regrets killing you one day.

  • Bilo

Nice Phone

  • adi

i love sony ericsson c510 iwant but how

  • sonerC510

Reflash / reinstall firmware C510 (main, fs & CDA) using A2uploader. (1) Instal Main & FS file firmware (phone off condition, press dellete key & connect phone to pc, on a2uploader sellected main - fs file & press flash). (2) After all file instaled reconnect phone to pc , press file system on a2uploader & drag file CDA to preset - system - customize. (3) After all finished, start your phone C510.

  • nn87

my c510 never on,it will vibrate only then the screen is empty only light will appear..whats the problem of this?any one knows??????

  • nn87

why my c510 did not on anymore?it vibrate only..pls help...

  • arip

Still using this phone until today,bought it on 31 dec 2009.still in good condition except scratced all over the cover,great phone ever used!!!!!

  • C510 Old User

kekita, 14 Sep 2014I cannot select/save internet setting in c510,why?Hi,
I did face similar problem while using phone.

Just reinstall the Operating system again..

Goto Google and check how to reinstall the Operating system for C510.. max it takes 30 minutes.. Do it for free on your own...

  • shaji

c510 is very good fone.i felt downc510 and damaged display.i repair it but original display is not available in market because sony erricsson stops its supply and is working good performance ,clarity.

  • kekita

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2012My C510 model phone GPRS settting is not takin any internet prof... moreI cannot select/save internet setting in c510,why?

  • Eranga

I like it this cell phone because of net speed , cam , shape that's all

  • kite

my sistr using ths has various features camera is unleashed nd model and slimness i luv my eric C510

  • jul

i really like this phone

  • v4ev

Hello all, I have been using this phone from 2010. To summarize this phone is pretty nice, awesome camera, sound clarity, good earphone, good battery backup to 3-4 days until now. But the main problem is ,it is not water resistant and if u sweat a lot, this phone is not good for you at all. I had keypad problems from day 3 as some or the other key doesn't work properly & the front panel can get damaged easily. I have replaced my front panel. Now earpiece started creating issues. But I'm still keeping this phone coz of slim design & fits it into ur pocket very well.

  • Anonymous

Andre, 31 Jan 2014this phone is still available in the phillipinesi want this mobile

  • Anonymous

Sherry96, 05 May 2014Better than All Smartphones are feature Phones and Sony Ericsson... moreTru dat.. Smartphone make user addict n less smart