Vodafone 553

Vodafone 553

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Is it a good phone?

  • Vuvu

raj, 19 Jul 2011hai friends iam use this phone is very good Hi seeing that you understand this phone so much,can you please assist me in using the camera , which buttons to press?

  • liberty

my phone cannot load opera

  • azhar

hi this is azhar i like design of handset

  • dr me

M.Fick, 25 Jul 2011I like the phone, but I have a problem downloading mxit, it just... moreomg..thank you.i was about to buy 1

  • ly

I've loaded my photos but have to access them individually how do you get it so they come on screen then you can scroll them without having to upload each one. I have put them in folders to see if that helped

  • yuresh

hey it's looks like psp go and sony erisson xpria play

  • dr.

How's the internet? Since it;s Wifi you can go to google youtube etc, right? Cuz some phone only have fb or twitter. What about this phone? Is it available in the philippines?

  • shailesh

this is veri good handset but some problem is downloading other wise good futur

1.Does this cell download games and mp3 music? 2.how long takes to record the video? 3.does it support video call?

  • M.Fick

I like the phone, but I have a problem downloading mxit, it just doesnt want to work, doesnt matter what version I choose and I have tried to put in another phone's details wich are similar to Vodafone 553. I mean why does it give so many options for Java programs but it doesnt want to work. I even cant use my twitter or Yahoo Messenger. The phone have so many features but basically all of it doesnt work?????

Am getting trouble using the camera,i tried but i doesnt work.Thanks

  • Anonymous

May you help me on how to use the camera when i want to take pictures,i have tried but it doesnt work

  • raj

hai friends iam use this phone is very good

  • prashant

this very good handset i like this handset

  • Michael von Babylous

Is vodafone 553 edge support video streaming online..eg; Youtube videos?

  • Anonymous

Love this phone the touch screen is responsive and is nice and clear, internet is fast and phone is very easy to use and my battery lasts for ever! And there only £35 bargan!!!

  • Lulu

@Vivienne yu insert the memeory card and it ses 'make this your main saving point' or summing i dunno exactly wot or if dat dont work go to the camera, click the thing that looks like a page and click storage:D hope this helpd yu gal

  • Anonymous

does the video playback really stay that small? I had assumed it would switch to full screen sideways on but it just stays portrait style and very small.
anyone know if there is a way to watch mp4 videos using the full screen? thanks