2020 iPhones to have flexible OLED panels from LG, rumor claims

Ro, 24 July 2019

With LG starting mass production of its flexible OLED panels in Korea this year, Apple is reportedly interested in making a deal with the company. It's believed that the Cupertino-based company will be launching an iPhone with flexible screen in 2020.

2020 iPhones to have flexible OLED panels from LG

Apple has used LG as a supplier for iPhone displays overs the years but never as a main one. Samsung has been Apple's go-to display supplier while LG's panels serve as a fallback option. If both companies reach an agreement, this would mean that Apple will reduce its reliance on Samsung for its OLEDs where the Korean company is currently dominating the market.

There are still some details surrounding the flexible OLED production that LG needs to address but if it all goes well, it will start production in Q3 this year. The firm will have enough time to solve production issues and perhaps meet Apple's requirements for next year's iPhones.

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  • Anonymous

Exactly. Their OLED was awesome, no complaints on that

  • Anonymous

Lol. Nice one. So you're saying they don't bend, they are not purposely slowed down by the company without you knowing about it, they don't have antenna issues and green screen issues. Great joke sir, too bad it's too long otherwise it'd be a 5/7 jok...

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