6.1-inch iPhone leaks in four colors, shows its dual SIM tray

Ivan, 06 September 2018

As Apple's September 12 iPhone event draws near, we expect to see more and more leaks of the upcoming three iPhones from various sources.

Today we have a reasonably good look at what could prove to be the entry level 6.1-inch LCD iPhone. It should be the cheapest 2019 iPhone because of the single camera and the colors - while the iPhone Xs and Xs Max are expected to launch in White, Black and Gold, the 6.1-inch model will offer more colors options.

This is likely the 6.1-inch iPhone because of the pictured dual-SIM tray, which only the entry level iPhone is expected to have. This will be the first dual-SIM iPhone and it will most likely be a China-exclusive.

Alleged 6.1-inch iPhone Alleged 6.1-inch iPhone
Alleged 6.1-inch iPhone

In this instance we see a Red, White, Blue and what looks like Rose Gold.

All models have aluminum frames and what appear to be bigger camera modules.

We don't get a glimpse at the front where it's expected there will be a 6.1-inch LCD with a notch for Face ID 1.0.

Alleged 6.1-inch iPhone Alleged 6.1-inch iPhone
Alleged 6.1-inch iPhone

Apple will clear up all the unknowns in just a week's time. But if you were wondering how much the cheapest iPhone Xs will cost - well, about as much as an iPhone 8 does now - 800/700/$700. The iPhone Xs will cost as much as an iPhone 8 Plus - 910/800/$800. And the iPhone Xs Max will cost as much as the iPhone X did at launch - 1.150/999/$999.



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Man thats a lie. At Android i can do whathewer i want at IOS i am restricted for doing anything and everything. Even for transfering data to PC i need to use third party program. IOS supoports nothing but IOS which is good for apple but bad ...

What you are saying, makes sense. Anyway thanks for teaching me something. Personally i don't care much for privacy, they can't harm me much since i've got nothing worthwhile.

  • Anonymous

What!? theres no bloat whatsoever and almost all the included apps that are pre-installed can be removed. The level of user control in iOS is unprecedented, it must be hard to understand for an Android user who cannot even change his search provider ...