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Carbon 1 MK II

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NeonHD, 29 Dec 2023I still really want this phone. It's super thin and su... moreWell said! Plus, it's a flip phone in disguise too, it folds in half.

    I still really want this phone. It's super thin and super light, and it has the 2018 design with the traditional but slim bezels. It would be a pleasure to use in hand.

      Anonymous, 22 Oct 2023Currently it is €535.00 on - maybe you can get a ... moreQuite a rise in one year!! But I guess it's more of a collectors item now, than something people will try to use in 2024, that is just around the corner.

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        • 22 Oct 2023

        EskeRahn, 02 Dec 2022They are down to €200. Just bought one - sleek phone for th... moreCurrently it is €535.00 on - maybe you can get a big discount in december though...? Still it seems like there is a lot of problems with this phone - which is a real shame for such a unique design concept and low weight.

        Copied from the top review on Amazon:
        I have owned the Carbon 1 MK II for about 3 months now. I really like the design. It is incredibly thin and light. I also chose this model because I would like to promote new ideas and start-ups. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this product.
        - Software: Android 10 was delivered with the promise of a quick upgrade to Android 11. This has not happened yet and the last security update is already a year old. There are no updates.
        - Processing: The plug-in card for the SIM and memory cards wobbles, but still remains firmly in the housing.
        - Camera: even with the reduced price, the camera remains behind the competition
        - Temperature: it gets warm quickly when charging and playing
        - Screen: the reason why I will return the model: after just three months the screen is peeling off the device . It has never fallen on the floor and has never been subjected to mechanical stress, but the screen is still peeling off. Something like that is unforgivable with a “made in Germany” seal. From what I've read in the forums, this isn't an isolated case for me either.

          really awesome, i daily drive it.

            Yo wtf, I just randomly typed mk into the search bar and this showed up.

            Can't believe I never knew about this phone. It's quite unique that's for sure.

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              • 26 Mar 2023

              This is the most lightweight smartphone with good specifications that has been made since 2021. I wish they would market this properly so it would sell, and make a MK III (along with a MK III Mini for those who want to go even lighter).

              Phones have just been getting heavier and heavier as manufacturers switch to heavier metals because "premium". Tech bloggers even praise phones for being heavy because they "feel substantial". Sigh.

                They are down to €200. Just bought one - sleek phone for the dinner jacket...

                The 6.3mm does not quite hold though. As I measure it, it is between 6.75 and 6.80mm (and about 7.60 around the camera protrusion)
                (And a tiny area above the usb 6.90mm, yes local bulge in the plastic?!?)

                So I wonder if there are several generations of the Mark II, or the original number is not what actually ended for resale?

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                  • 07 Nov 2022

                  Anonymous, 01 Mar 2021And I thought Germans are better in making stuff than this.They are. I didn't even know until today that Germany had recovered enough technology to build a new phone factory after the last ones making ancient candybars shut down more than 15 years ago.

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                    • 07 Aug 2022

                    There is a 71% off discount on

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                      • 24 May 2022

                      Anonymous, 14 Jan 2022It is now about 250 euros but still very very expensive. I... moreyes - otto saled about 200 and hollands too saled about this price - if it real made in germany then good price for chines accumulator as gigaset smartphones or allview but better vienames

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                        • 14 Jan 2022

                        It is now about 250 euros but still very very expensive.
                        It should be around 50 euros, nothing more than that price. Because it is an entry level phone.

                        Calculator capable Helio P95, ugly design, iphone quality camera (Mid-range), no 3.5mm, very very very weak battery, small and low resolution screen, No 5G.

                        Interestingly it has 8GB ram, it is more than double for that weak chip.

                          SA466, 14 Nov 2021The fact that they launched this at 800 dollars and it'... moreWell I did some digging about the company behind this phone. Apparently, they relocate the production factory from Berlin to Flensburg as a move to reduce emissions*. Because of that factory relocation, they massively slashed down the price of the phone.


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                            • 22 Nov 2021

                            SA466, 14 Nov 2021The fact that they launched this at 800 dollars and it'... moreLikely that they're desperate.
                            Some of the reviews on the website seems extremely dubious.

                            Plus the quality\arrangement of Carbon fiber is questionable (based from what I saw in durability test videos on YouTube so take it with a sack of salt).

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                              • 14 Nov 2021

                              The fact that they launched this at 800 dollars and it's now 580 dollars kind of makes me think that A) Their profit margins on the original price were very high or B) they're getting really desperate already

                                Is this smartphone also shockproof, or better to have silicon case, similar to cheaper devices? (E.g. Xperia 10 III has the virtually unbreakable Gorilla 6, but the plastic frame is still prone to serious scratches and deformations when dropped.)

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                                  • 22 Oct 2021

                                  I definitely love to see innovations like this, especially when they made their own radio-enabled hybrid carbon composite. But I do think that they can give better chipset in future models. Maybe a Helio G90T and a headphone jack will do nicely.

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                                    • 06 Sep 2021

                                    DannyRitiu, 04 Sep 2021I was very excited to find something like Carbon, I liked t... moreThis is extremely informative, thank you for sharing this.

                                    I was willing to give them a pass despite some odd reviews on their website but your experience seems to indicate that they're either super shady or super incompetent. Neither of which is good.

                                    Hopefully, they're genuine and learn from their mistakes. Although, that seldom happens with these no name manufacturers.

                                      I was very excited to find something like Carbon, I liked the concept so much that I even wanted to become a local reseller. Sadly I didn't know that I am dealing with a very irresponsible company.
                                      After lots of trials I could finally speak to the Sales Manager which promised to send me a pricelist for our collaboration but that never happened.
                                      I waited 3 weeks and then finally I decided that I will order at least one piece to try it out. I placed the order from a business account and I was expecting NOT to pay VAT (as it should be in the EU), but nevertheless I was charged the full gross price. I've sent an email asking a VAT return, but I've never got an answer on that.
                                      The phone came pretty fast (in 3 days) but then I found out that the phone is actually not that good. Here are my impressions:

                                      - The phone gets very hot after a couple minutes of usage, I installed an app and after 5-10 mins of videochat the CPU is over 40 degrees C
                                      - The connections are unstable, WiFi gets often dropped, Mobile net also gets often dropped
                                      - Battery lasts for a very short time, my 4 year old Samsung with 66% capacity lasts 3 times more
                                      - Camera doesn't focus in many apps, so you get blurred pictures. Otherwise, if you manage to focus properly, the quality is OK
                                      - The sound is very bad, I have trouble hearing others and every other person had trouble hearing me. Literally every person who I called (phone, WhatsApp, Messenger, anything) said that I sound like I was speaking from far away
                                      - Can't set different ringtones for the 2 SIMs, maybe that's an Android problem, but I didn't like it
                                      - Proximity sensor doesn't work, many times when my phone is at my ear some random things get pressed on the screen
                                      - The stock Android is nice, but lacks some nice features that Samsung's One UI has, for a person coming from Samsung environment, the Carbon UI just sucks

                                      The biggest problem is anyway, the communication with Carbon. My emails are not answered, I have to send many reminders to receive one answer.
                                      The tragedy came when I wanted to send back the phone. Somebody immediately contacted me and wanted to get my feedback, but I had to insist many times to get the return address from them. I've sent my return intention on Aug 3 and they've sent me the return address on Aug 9. I've sent back the phone on Aug 14 and up until now (Sep 4) I didn't receive my money back.
                                      I start believing that I will never get my money back and I am sad that a nice idea can die in the hands of some irresponsible people...
                                      Think twice before ordering from them and don't believe that the phone is something extraordinary. The marketing is good, but the technology sucks and the company is a disappointment.

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                                        • 31 Aug 2021

                                        Alex, 12 Jun 2021What website? Carbon website? Are you that dumb to have to ... moreLate reply, but it doesn't seem to be a scam. Not an obvious one at least.
                                        There are some questionable reviews but I could see some criticisms that have been left there for everyone to read as well.


                                        One thing that bugs me is that they claim to offer 4 years worth of Android support, yet there is no mention of the device getting Android 11. This is happening because
                                        - they are pulling out because they see it as a failed investment
                                        - there are delays since they are understaffed (LinkedIn lists 12 people)
                                        - GSMArena hasn't been updated yet.

                                        We'll see how things play out after they release a successor. IF they release a successor.