Carbon 1 MK II

Carbon 1 MK II

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Let's ignore that it has two of the same cameras on the rear.

  • Chairman

babak, 03 Mar 2021800 euro for mediatek p series and 3000 mah battery. is it ... moreBuild with Carbon tho, I think that's wat you pay for with this phone..

I've been following gsmarena for about 10 years, and its the 1st time I'm posting anything on it. Hell, i registered because of the ability to post this reaction.

I've seen this phone on a facebook ad and wanted to see its specs. Checked there website, and they we're not visible, then i checked it here. They kept it of there website or hide it verry well, because they know its a low spec device. The only selling point is its carbon back chassis. All the other specs are low end, mediocre at best. A simple OnePlus Nord is half the price with better specs.

Would i buh it just because of its carbon back? No definitely not, not even if it would cost 400€. Because its a brand that hasn't proven itself, we dont know how well its build, what they have done to stabilize the operating system, how about updates etc...
There are ceveral unanswered questions, and i dont think there will be people out there willing to pay 800€ for a low specked phone. Simply overpriced.
I do understand that carbon is expensive.
But if i want a carbon backside on my phone, I'll buy a carbon case for a fraction of that price.

  • babak

800 euro for mediatek p series and 3000 mah battery. is it a joke?

  • Lordohno

why it comes with upper and buttom line look old fashion

Really a niche product, but this is so... lame.

Other than the novelty of carbon fiber, $899 for these specs?

  • Anonymous

3000 mAh?! Lol.

  • hink

2015 mid range released as 2021 flagship , wow what a deal !?

  • Praveen

Reminds me the design of nextbit Robin

  • Random Person

To anyone that wants to know why carbon fiber it's all on their web page, also its P90 not P95
It's an interesting idea/concept but a no go as a daily driver BUT we might see more carbon fiber phones in the future for the benefits-quite pricey tho

  • Anonymous

Rosso, 02 Mar 2021People complaining about the price clearly don't know ... moreWhy don't you explain it? I'm want to know.

  • Anonymous

Low-end specs, hi-end price.

People complaining about the price clearly don't know just how expensive carbon fiber is.

As for why use it, no idea.

5his phone is quite pricey. Take a look at the specs - p95 chipset, no IP68,no high resolution rear camera, dual rear camera and no 5G connectivity. It should be priced at around 350 dollars.

  • Thkdsj

Why are there two main cams?

  • Anonymous

Hajlorr, 01 Mar 2021It's a 150 dollar phone with a premium case wich put t... moreBut not dollars, price in EUR.

  • Anonymous

Couldn't they put a decent chipset like SD 865 or at least the 765g... And that ridiculous font style. Big fail

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Mar 2021with this money U can buy for urself MI 10 ULTRA VIVO X... moreOnePlus 8 Pro

Also its okay

IP68 + SD865 + decent cam include OIS

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2021Don’t buy this, 800 euro? 50 more and you got yourself a ph... morewith this money U can buy for urself

or even coming phone like

for this money i think they must put at least
SnapDragon 690 + 3800Mah (28W) + 148mm tall