Carbon 1 MK II

Carbon 1 MK II

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  • Anonymous

Sadik, 01 Mar 2021& what about Processor? Chipset is not best,but is not bad

  • Anonymous

How unfortunate. In a few months when this phone flops and doesn't sell at all they are going to think people no longer want light phones. The design is over all decent and the phone would imo sell well for ~400-500€. There does not seem to be anything special, that should make it more expensive.
Also since people will not want to use a phone case, the camera bump is a truly awful decision.

  • beep bop boop

[deleted post]apparently for a phone that has a carbon fiber chassis, probs not daily drivable

  • Anonymous

No headphone jack no buy

It's a 150 dollar phone with a premium case wich put the price up 650 dollar!!!

  • Sadik

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2021For size and build quality is good,but the battery i don�... more& what about Processor?

  • beep bop boop

i understand why it costs this much (the carbon monocoque chassis), also the specs is not what this phone is about geniuses

  • Anonymous

Trash for 800e. Whoever buys this have some problems.

  • Weekend

It should have been released in 2019

Not even Li-Po?

  • shs

180 euros is good price for that

  • Aziz

Loooool Helio P95 😁
About 800 EUR

  • Anonymous

And I thought Germans are better in making stuff than this.

  • Anonymous

Seems like an updated OnePlus 5 / iPhone 7 Plus, but the processor isn't even as power as the OnePlus 5 lol. Seems like 1 step forward 2 steps back. The OnePlus 5 was already extremely light, so I'm not sure how big of a benefit the carbon fiber is

I was Just wondering who's gonna buy this🤔
800 for this! Really!

Why Mediatek chipset, why??? :(

Mobilemaster, 01 Mar 2021This is an interesting concept. Make a big phone, and make ... moreIt's so you can take 2D pictures. Doh

800 euro for a phone with 3000 mah battery and slow soc? Nah, you can keep that apple wannabe.

  • therealcasco

I mean...Its a cool idea and everything but thats 2018 hardware...Will be nice to see something like the K40 Pro+ or 1+9 on this mono-carbon design

  • Anonymous