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  • JAAY

Currently on Android Q(10). Essential phone is the best delivering update as and when available not minding the year of the device. Kudos.

  • Anonymous

Halibram, 25 Aug 2019I hate iPhones, and BTW No matter who, or shall I say which carr... moreWhatÂ’s your point again !?You lost me with all that confusing post

But to clarify a little , the updates are controlled by the phone manufacturers , they can let Google push it to their phones brand as clean android , get it modified to meet their own tricks , or just ignore it all together / delay for months etc IE Motorola LG and a bunch more

  • Halibram

I hate iPhones, and BTW No matter who, or shall I say which carrier delivers the updates,the fact is that Xiaomi, HTC, Lg, Motorola, even this phone Essential PH-1, Samsung (who sells the CPU to Apple in addition)...are indeed a pretty good brands. What iPhone (apple) did was to make their "IOS" (Expensive Linux based) put an encryption and "Friendly with the user" and Bang! Prices Hit the sky for those MFKers devices. Now remember that, the next time you face that stupid apple logo (they sell you that too).Android Operating System is Open Source thats the main reason all Apple Devices are so Expensive, coz' they keep masked (hidden) stuff that make you believe they're the best brand, sorry to disappoint iPhone users, but you are running Linux under that Fancy? Cover and Shiny Logo.

  • Jaay

Android Q(10) beta 6 is running smoothly without any problem on my essential. What a great device.

Really miss this phone after I broke mine two months ago. Considering buying another one on eBay but my biggest concern is repairability. I know for a fact uBreakitiFixit doesn't replace batteries for this phone as I called several stores and they told me no.

I still own an LG G5 and used to own a V20, and it makes me appreciate those phones for their removable batteries and easy repairability. I would basically need to buy another Essential Phone to make me use this model for beyond 2 years. As flawed as a Pixel 3 can be, at least uBreakitiFixit can replace their battery.

  • techie

At the time one of the most phenomenal new phone designs on the market and they were handed a raw deal by all of the so called expert reviewers. Well they can keep thereSamjunk and the absolute most almost nonexistent support by LG phones.

  • Anonymous

Halivicious, 31 Jul 2019Just got the July update of 2019...being since February on Andro... moreradio?

Halivicious, 31 Jul 2019Just got the July update of 2019...being since February on Andro... moreMonthly there is an update usually every 5th of the month. Next update could be August 6 to be sure. :)
I'm using mine for a year now and long lasting daily used.

  • Halivicious

Just got the July update of 2019...being since February on Android Pie , so this phone is still to give a lot, improved camera, fingerprint and firmwares (radio an etc...)

Kingslayer, 14 Jun 2019Broke my favorite smartphone by accident yesterday. It's my own ... moreI mean yes the Pixel 3a is redundant but honestly that phone has waaaay better battery life than the Pixel 3(I mean I have the 3a XL and it's giving me around 8 to 9 hours easily and that's when I'm using LTE(T-Mobile's network) when I have wifi it gets me around 10 and in extreme cases gives me 12 or 13(although that's with ultra conservative usage)

Absolutely love this phone. Super tempted to buy another one to store when this one needs replacing.

  • Fisco

I bought a PH-1 through an Amazon deal about a year ago, tried it out, very impressed with the build, and screen, used it for a few days, was definitely a keeper, but ended up being consigned to its box.. Until recently thats is..I revisited the phone, updated to Pie, intalled Nova launcher and all my favourite apps, popped my sim card in, made sure all apps that could be optimised, were, and also limited any background activity to those that didn't need it....I'm not a heavy user, I do use, skype and whatsapp, youtube etc, but I only have wifi, bluetooth & Location services on, when I need them, as I am not synching etc., I'm getting over 2 days on the Battery, with between 10 & 11 hours of screen on time..! I'm really glad I revisited this phone, and now with the google camera app installed I'm really happy with the photo quality....This phone is a champ, only thing is its so damn slippery, so I have ordered a carbon skin, although seems a shame to cover that gorgeous ceramic back panel..
I hope Essential follow this up with a PH-2, maybe the same screen size or 5.8" with a 19/9 aspect and no chin..:)
A headphone jack would be nice too, and expandable storage, but not essential.! :-)

Kingslayer, 14 Jun 2019Broke my favorite smartphone by accident yesterday. It's my own ... moreI'm sorry to hear that.. deep condolences for your PH-1 🙏

  • Anonymous

Kingslayer, 14 Jun 2019Broke my favorite smartphone by accident yesterday. It's my own ... moreI am sorry to hear that.. deep condolences for ur PH-1 🙏

Essential Phone

Design - 9/10
Comfort - 8/10 (heavy)
Display - 8.5/10
Reception - 7/10 (can range from 6 to 8)
Camera - 7/10 (default cam app).. 8.5/10 (Google cam)
Audio - 8.5/10 (notification sound is louder)
Software - 9.5/10
Battery - 9/10
Value - 6/10 (at og $700)... 10/10 (at $224 I got it for)

Google Pixel 3

Design - 8/10
Comfort - 9/10
Display - 8.5/10
Reception - 9/10
Camera - 9.5/10
Audio - 8/10
Software - 9.5/10
Battery - 7.5/10
Value - 5/10 (at $900)... 8/10 (at $450 I got it for)

R.I.P. my Essential Phone
August 29, 2018 - June 13, 2019

Long live my Google Pixel 3
May 2, 2019 - Present

Broke my favorite smartphone by accident yesterday. It's my own fault. I was using a holster case where the velcro doesn't stick anymore. I had warning signs because it fell from it twice. The holster case is very loose at the top. It doesn't really close.

I was so heartbroken but I was also still relieved my Pixel 3 was safe. I would rather have it happen to my Essential because the Pixel 3 costs more and is where my SIM is. Even though it has high SAR, the reception on my Pixel 3 using T-Mobile is just better.

It still stings seeing my Essential cracked. I never ever broke a cell phone from the 20 years I've used them. And I've owned about 40+ different ones. First time its happened to me and it had to happen to my personal favorite. Now my Pixel 3 becomes my new favorite.

$224 Essential Phone
$450 Google Pixel 3

Yeah, I would rather have it happen to my Essential as much as I loved it. Plus, Pixel 3's camera is far superior. Got to always carry the one with the reliable camera everywhere I go. Pixel 3's battery life on mobile data is very mediocre though. It lasts better on Wi-Fi though.

I'm still trying to figure out what smartphone I want to get to replace my beloved Essential? It's a phone that I loved but just had bad luck because of the worn out holster case I used for it. If I get the Pixel 3a, it just seems redundant. Even a Pixel 2 seems redundant.

I want something similar and something different at the same time. Essential was that perfect alternative for a Pixel. Different brand from the father of Android. Different design. Same fluid software experience.

  • Anonymous

Kingslayer, 06 Jun 2019This officially became my all-time favorite smartphone yesterday... morelmao

This officially became my all-time favorite smartphone yesterday (June 4, 2019). It also helped when Andy Rubin and Essential liked my tweet telling them it's my all-time favorite or that PH-1 shares the same initials in my full name.

My LG G5 is now a piece of junk. If you go to the comment section for the G5, you can see my rant on there. With the Essential Phone, it's just reliable. Except for maybe the camera as its main weakness and an aspect I rarely use, the PH-1 doesn't give problems. It just works!

I've considered selling my G5 but I just can't since it still works well as a TV remote and multimedia player. And my current daily driver, the Pixel 3, I still can't put it over my Essential because I've only had it for a month. From my own comparison, I still find the Essential Phone the more reliable phone to use.

The Pixel 3 has slightly shorter battery, chargesca tad slower using the same 27W charger that the Essential Phone, and hate the buttons on it. But the Pixel 3 is a solid #2 all-time favorite for me. Essential + Pixel 3 is really my favorite duo among all the pairing I ever had.

This is becoming my all-time favorite smartphone as time goes by.

I was given Beats wireless headphones from my brother who is moving to Manhattan. My Pixel 3 has issues playing songs. It just cuts off. I've tried different things and nothing so far. My Essential did have some early static and cuts earlier on but is now working flawlessly using Bluetooth.

This is a phone that isn't perfect by any means but has given me the least issues. Everything from the layout of the notification toggles to being the fastest charging to the best battery life is why this is becoming my all-time favorite. There's no glaring flaw to it except maybe the camera which isn't that bad at all using the Google Camera apk. The fingerprint scanner is also wearing out a bit.

The LG G5 has a fatal flaw where I can't connect to Wi-Fi anymore. While the image retention went away, it also still randomly overheats. I also just don't like Android version prior to Pie. And Pixel 3 now has these Bluetooth issues. I also accidentally left it on auto updating after getting turned off under developer mode. I went from Oct to April every time I turned it off which is probably six times.

The Essential Phone is just a reliable phone. Love it. Will retire it first knowing I can't get the battery replaced for it. But I will always keep it as a memento. Thank you, Andy Rubin!

  • Anonymous

EmiliaBedelia, 05 Dec 2018Probably the worst phone I have ever owned. After owning it for ... moreIn addition to these recurring problems, I now have to deal with the camera app that apparently is run by a monkey. Camera will OFTEN crash when I tap to take a photo and send me back to home screen. And no. Before you ask, I'm not pressing the Home button.

IF Essential lets me take a photo, sometimes it doesn't even save it! I seriously cannot wait til I can pay off my tab, buying this phone was the worst mistake I've ever made!