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  • FangerZero

Was one of the best phones I've ever used. 100x better than any Samsung and more reliable than the Pixel. I am not looking forward when I have to get a new phone, in a couple of years. One of the best things about this phone is it's Vanilla Android and the simple feel of the phone.

Come out with one phone then go belly up. Bad business‼

  • Syed

Mannyval, 21 Jan 2020Hi good morning! Just a quick question, I'm on my essential pho... morei think your phone is rooted that's why don't go through , please make them flash or unroot then it will able to update till Android 10

Kingslayer, 12 Oct 2019Just a quick update after using my second Essential Phone after ... moreHi good morning!
Just a quick question, I'm on my essential phone, but I didn't get my update, I'm still on 7.1 nougat, can you help me out with that please. I will Appreciate.

Score! Just found the PH-1 that I had bought as a backup in lieu of buying "insurance" for the PH-1 that I use daily for the past 2 years+. Can't say enough about how much I've enjoyed this phone vs. what I've seen my wife deal with in 2 Galaxy phones in the same time frame. The second being her current unlocked S9+ with less than 50% battery integrity already and bogged down by all the Samsung crud. I am going to try and get her to jump on the Essential bandwagon, at least until there are some good deals out again! And hopefully after this I don't have to ever buy her another Galaxy!

Kingslayer, 22 Oct 2019I'm on my second Essential Phone and it still works beautifully.... moreSalut to you Sir and Happy Holidays!

I'm so glad other people realise how good and important the Essential Phone has become in the last couple of years. Essential Products as a company have done an amazing feat. They've managed to release just ONE fully featured flagship device, AND have managed to keep it updated for almost 3 years now.

Honestly I still don't even feel like I want any other phone. Most phones out there fall into 1 of 2 categories for me, not suitable for me or overpriced.

Might as well stick with Essential Phone for another year. Or at least until the Pixel 2XL becomes cheap enough for me to buy brand new, just Because I want those stereo speakers baby!

I'm on my second Essential Phone and it still works beautifully. First Android smartphone to be on four different versions (7-10). With similar specs to the Pixel 2, it might even get Android 11 and be the first to ever get four major updates.

The most important aspect that I love about it is battery life. Best battery life I've experienced on an Android smartphone since my Xiaomi Mi 3. And the Mi 3 still gives me about 4-5 hr SOT after 5 years and that's still on its first battery.

Andy Rubin helped create an underrated jewel in the Android world.

Man Apple destroyed the notch.

Just a quick update after using my second Essential Phone after 9 days...

Everything is pretty much exactly what it once was before I broke my first PH-1 back in June 13, 2019. The battery still last very long. Only my sideloaded GCam apk is updated to get Night Sight.

My TUDIA case should arrive today, so the weird blemish on the back will be covered. I can also use the loose holster case again because once I put my PH-1 into the TUDIA TPU case, it should add more bulk to make it harder to slip off.

I only rank my Essential Phone as my #2 because my Pixel 3 has a more comfortable form factor and the camera is still superior from both sides. Even though my Pixel 3 has inferior battery life (maybe 20% worse), I still prefer it more.

1. Pie
2. Nougat
3. Marshmallow

1. Google Pixel 3
2. Essential Phone
3. LG G5

Got the last open box Essential Phone on eBay for a total of $177. And I must say, it's like old times! When I mean by old times, like 4-5 months ago! The phone looks pretty much new other than the back needed to be cleaned off from the sticker residue and the light scratches on the screen protector.

The phone came five days ahead of the original ETA of October 8th. It already came with Pie out of the box and on the September 2018 update like my Pixel 3. I'm really enjoying it so far. I really do miss the Essential Phone. The battery lasts and lasts. I had 3 hr SOT and the phone was still on 65%.

I plan not to use that loose holster case which ruined my first Essential Phone after I did a job. It's now in a much more locked case where it won't fly out of it. I just love this phone. I think Snapdragon 820 was a solid SoC but 835 was even more capable.

I plan to use my Pixel 3 and Essential Phone for the next FIVE YEARS. I have no intention losing my Call Blacklist Pro app because Android 10 ruined certain apps I use. The early Pie builds is still the smoothest I've ever used with Android.

  • Anonymous

Halibram, 25 Aug 2019I hate iPhones, and BTW No matter who, or shall I say which carr... moreOne can try to convert the sheep into a got , but even if you are successfully on doing it , once that got sees himself /herself on a reflective surface , ( ie ) a lake while drinking water , they will still see a sheep !

Hope you got the paraphrasing

  • Hali

Totally agree, manufacturer develop, improve (that's the upgrade point) and throw the OS, either Rollout OTA, or ABD, Ruu, etc...
But the point is that carriers have a huge "rollplay" putting pressure to manufacturers to keep the phone they once promoted up to date as much as possible, unfortunately big manufacturers like Samsung leave their models stuck, as an example, my brother have a Galaxy note 8 which is a little bit more faster than this one ESSENTIAL PH-1 basically because of the RAM 6 vs 4, anyways He is NEVER gonna get the Android "Q" (10) update, no other reason different than Samsung has a note 9, 10 and 11 ready the last one ready to be in showcase. So they leave users at their own with cooked ROMS, CyanogenMod (LineageOS).
At least you can keep your device alive for a couple of years without manufacturers update (something different in apple iPhone coz no custom ROMS) even if so, limited apps compability with IOS, in the other hand Playstore has a 5% ratio with troubleshooting custom OS.
In essence ESSENTIAL PH-1 phone is the way to go for those with a middle budget and guarantee updates ('till other essential phone comes out)

  • JAAY

Currently on Android Q(10). Essential phone is the best delivering update as and when available not minding the year of the device. Kudos.

  • Anonymous

Halibram, 25 Aug 2019I hate iPhones, and BTW No matter who, or shall I say which carr... moreWhat’s your point again !?You lost me with all that confusing post

But to clarify a little , the updates are controlled by the phone manufacturers , they can let Google push it to their phones brand as clean android , get it modified to meet their own tricks , or just ignore it all together / delay for months etc IE Motorola LG and a bunch more

  • Halibram

I hate iPhones, and BTW No matter who, or shall I say which carrier delivers the updates,the fact is that Xiaomi, HTC, Lg, Motorola, even this phone Essential PH-1, Samsung (who sells the CPU to Apple in addition)...are indeed a pretty good brands. What iPhone (apple) did was to make their "IOS" (Expensive Linux based) put an encryption and "Friendly with the user" and Bang! Prices Hit the sky for those MFKers devices. Now remember that, the next time you face that stupid apple logo (they sell you that too).Android Operating System is Open Source thats the main reason all Apple Devices are so Expensive, coz' they keep masked (hidden) stuff that make you believe they're the best brand, sorry to disappoint iPhone users, but you are running Linux under that Fancy? Cover and Shiny Logo.

  • Jaay

Android Q(10) beta 6 is running smoothly without any problem on my essential. What a great device.

Really miss this phone after I broke mine two months ago. Considering buying another one on eBay but my biggest concern is repairability. I know for a fact uBreakitiFixit doesn't replace batteries for this phone as I called several stores and they told me no.

I still own an LG G5 and used to own a V20, and it makes me appreciate those phones for their removable batteries and easy repairability. I would basically need to buy another Essential Phone to make me use this model for beyond 2 years. As flawed as a Pixel 3 can be, at least uBreakitiFixit can replace their battery.

  • techie

At the time one of the most phenomenal new phone designs on the market and they were handed a raw deal by all of the so called expert reviewers. Well they can keep thereSamjunk and the absolute most almost nonexistent support by LG phones.

  • Anonymous

Halivicious, 31 Jul 2019Just got the July update of 2019...being since February on Andro... moreradio?

Halivicious, 31 Jul 2019Just got the July update of 2019...being since February on Andro... moreMonthly there is an update usually every 5th of the month. Next update could be August 6 to be sure. :)
I'm using mine for a year now and long lasting daily used.