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  • Anonymous
  • rJ7
  • 07 Apr 2021

I hate this company and mobile because they started notch.

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    • beep bop boop
    • GYi
    • 26 Feb 2021

    Essential PH-1
    Essential PH-One
    Essential Phone


      Headphonejack, 31 May 2017No headphone jack? I swear, In 2019, phones will come wi... moreIt's 2021 now and phones still come with a screen haha

        yabhishekhd, 16 Feb 2021Essential is now owned by Carl pie NOTHING 😜Yeah it sucks

          Rickroll, 31 Jan 2021Hey Guys Do You Know What happened to essential companyEssential is now owned by Carl pie NOTHING 😜

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            • Anonymous
            • keN
            • 07 Feb 2021

            Rickroll, 31 Jan 2021Hey Guys Do You Know What happened to essential companyThey folded up shop.
            No more essential phones.
            Would have loved to see a new more compact designed one.

              Hey Guys Do You Know What happened to essential company

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                • Anonymous
                • 4SS
                • 08 Jan 2021

                I've had this phone for 3 years. The hardware is still as good as when I took it out of the box. The software on the other hand has started to glitch out for the last month. This has honestly been my favorite phone ever and I hate to see it go.

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                  • PH-1
                  • 02I
                  • 27 Nov 2020

                  Arabian Knight, 17 Nov 2020I've had my PH-1 going on 3 yrs and love this phone. s... moreThe phone has an ifixit score of 1, it's almost impossible to replace it without breaking stuff and good luck finding a company to replace it for you.

                  Mine is starting to have the same issue, switching cords helped some but not completely plus running it of usb-A seemed to help some too maybe by slowing charge rate.

                  I originally picked it up on a Black Friday sale to replace an old phone that had cracked and only intended to use it for a couple months while waiting for some newer models to come out but haven't looked back since using it, quality materials and really solid build and support.

                  Shame they never made a sequel, though the mockups seemed to be going in the wrong direction in my option heavy voice function based.

                  Shame more phones don't have a true monochrome sensor, and the whole attachable accessories could have been done better, why they didn't add a physical data connection there since they already have the other pins for power and instead opt for a larger more compenet costly, and power comsuming wireless connection I don't know.

                  Shody camera especially at the start, high launch price (though realistically comperable to others at that time on the upper end) poor and limited accessories (the 360 camera never worked great for me but was always a neat feature) really killed it and the company.

                  Quality build materials
                  Great display (resolution and small notch)
                  True monochrome sensor
                  Fast charge USBC
                  Very clean android UI

                  Limited or no repair
                  Loss of company for software builds
                  Poor accessories
                  Camera was never fantastic

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                    • Anonymous
                    • C54
                    • 19 Nov 2020

                    Anonymous, 03 Jun 2020No audio jack? Not interested! I have many great wired head... moreThis phone has a plug that fits into the spot you put your charger, and your head phones to into that. Just a couple inches to add to your headphone length.
                    Works great

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                      • Arabian Knight
                      • Q2K
                      • 17 Nov 2020

                      I've had my PH-1 going on 3 yrs and love this phone. so sad that the company couldn't continue. Of course there were issues in the beginning but eventually with all the updates they finally got it right. The only issue that is just starting bubble up is the battery. after 3 years I am now noticing that it is draining quicker. Has anyone replaced the battery in their PH-1? Would love to get a new battery and i'm sure it would go another couple of years.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • Fv2
                        • 07 Nov 2020

                        wish they makes new one

                        no need to change underhood objects except
                        3800mah + SD855

                        wonderfull TALL

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                          • Q2R
                          • 02 Nov 2020

                          Happy Ph-1User, 11 Oct 2020 Oct2020, compare specs. Many/Most new Phones don... moreAgreed, looking at replacing my PH-1 and everything I compare it to has lower specks than this older phone.

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                            • Aloe
                            • 83f
                            • 20 Oct 2020

                            Denzel, 16 Oct 2020I have ttwo of this phone but with dead screen but its so a... moreHey bro, I had the same problem and needed to replace my screen. Buy one from AliExpress, it's as original and is 20-30 bucks, easy to install.

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                              • Denzel
                              • 7PX
                              • 16 Oct 2020

                              I have ttwo of this phone but with dead screen but its so amazing. A very nice phone. How can I get one. Or the spares. I need the screen any help

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                                • Happy Ph-1User
                                • Ibx
                                • 11 Oct 2020

                                compare specs. Many/Most new Phones don't have the CPU/MHz power as this 3 1/2 year old phone does.
                                -Screen has over 500 pixels per inch, most new one don't.
                                In 2017 this thing was from Star-Trek.
                                - How about the Titanium frame? bet you can't bend it...
                                Camera has had about 100+ plus updates (really) & captures amazing pictures, (fast too)
                                -Many -New Phones- come with Android 9 and will 'Never' update, the PH-1 = Android 10. ?What other phone started with Android 7 & went to 10?? ...& began life in 2017
                                -Does your Phone do Slo-Mo videos?? ,this did 3.5 years ago.
                                Truly, As-New examples are $150+/- , or spend $300 $600++ for a lesser specs phone, your choice...
                                Will be running strong for another 4++ years.

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                                  • Latif
                                  • sUv
                                  • 09 Oct 2020

                                  Is there any otg connection in ths phone?

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 4RI
                                    • 07 Oct 2020

                                    I bought 2 Essential PH-1's and on both the charging/audio (USB-C to 3.5mm) failed within 6 months. Purchased off Amazon so Essential said they would not honor the warranty. I cannot recommend.

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                                      • Modilly
                                      • kB{
                                      • 25 Sep 2020

                                      The best phone I have owned. Believe the hype. This phone is like fine wine. After 3 years and all those upgrades, it still feels like a new phone.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • Yc3
                                        • 15 Sep 2020

                                        Glitch, 23 Jul 2020When it was new it was pretty solid. After 2 years it'... moreMine's still going strong after about 27 months. Mind you, I only charge my phone once every 2-3 days.