A phone with Light's multi-lens camera tech is in the works

Ro, 30 June 2018

Remember Light's ludicrous L16 camera with 16 lenses on the back? Well, that tech is reportedly going to be used in a phone that will launch later this year. Thanks to Foxconn's big investment in the small firm, the tech is going in a smartphone with nine cameras.

According to the Washington Post, the company already has a working prototype with anything between five and nine lenses that function together to deliver DSLR-like performance in low-light conditions and capturing whopping 64MP images. In addition, Light promises sophisticated depth effects and unmatched zoom capabilities, unrivalled in the smartphone market.

But just like the Light L16 camera, which costs $1,950, the Light-powered smartphone won't come cheap. To make all those sensors work together, the tech requires an immense amount of processing power, which in turn costs a lot.



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maybe but I think pixel devices put all of their efforts to do that with one sensor already, and huawi, samsung and iPhone had tried their best with two... they are cutting edge devices, it means that they do what technology best could do in couple o...

  • Anonymous

Depth of Field.

  • Anonymous

Turing Monolith Chaconne is a vaporware. The company went bankrupt without shipping (or even showing a working prototype) a single unit of any phone they ever announced, while having received payments for the product(s).

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