A possible Samsung Galaxy foldable "lite" was certified by the Wi-Fi alliance.

Peter, 21 August 2020

The Wi-Fi Alliance certified a curious phone from Samsung, the SM-F415F/DS. The first “F” stands for foldable – the original Galaxy Fold is F900, for example, the Z Flip is F700. Since the Fold is the premium offering and the is more affordable (though still premium), what would a 400-series device be like?

We’ll resist the temptation to call this a mid-ranger as foldables cost more than non-folding phones – that’s the price you pay for cutting edge tech. However, if Samsung could get close to $1,000, things could get interesting.

Note that the “1” (the second digit) in the model number denotes a second generation device, so this isn’t just a warmed over first-gen product (the Z Fold2 is F91x, but the new Z Flip 5G is still F70x).

Wi-Fi certification for the SM-F415F/DS
Wi-Fi certification for the SM-F415F/DS

There’s not much more info to extract from this aside noting that there’s no support for Wi-Fi 6 (ax). That doesn’t mean much necessarily, though it could point to a non-flagship (or at least older generation) chipset.

The million dollar question is this – which way will the F415 fold? The premium Fold goes for tablet-like screen size while the Flip folds vertically for compactness. We can see how Samsung might want to keep larger screen size as a premium feature. Still, this might be the Galaxy Fold Lite, which is reportedly targeting a $1,100 price point.

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Reader comments

  • AnonD-762416
  • 25 Aug 2020
  • JGv

The "thickness" becomes irrelevant when it fits in half the space. Phones that are near 7 inches across the display gets in your way in your pocket every time you sit down, every time you kneel, lifts your leg high, run. Simply because they...

Well, it also makes said „box“ twice as thick as a normal phone. I’d rather have a slightly large, but slim phone, than a smaller, thick „box“. Then there’s the annoying thing of having to constantly do an extra move EVERY TIME you want to get to the...

  • Anonymous
  • 24 Aug 2020
  • sfR

F/DS - so global variant with Dual-SIM?

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