A ton of HTCs expected on 6 May

29 Apr, 2008

With only a week left to the HTC new mobile phones announcement we are already witnessing the first bits of information about the highly expected devices. The campaign bearing the ambitious title "Something beautiful is coming" will reach its culmination at the official event at May 6th. As for now here are the expected specs of some of the devices and a few pictures that should give you the idea of what to expect.

HTC Touch Diamond is the first to make its mark. It's already known as T-Mobile's MDA Compact IV from CeBIT 2008. It is going to feature some really high-end specifications such as 2.8-inch VGA screen, 528MHz Qualcomm CPU and a GPS receiver. It will also feature 128MB of RAM and will run on the latest Windows Mobile 6.1 platform. The internal memory will offer 4 gigs worth of storage space and will be further expandable through the microSD card slot. There will also be a built-in accelerometer for automatic rotation of the user interface.

MDA Compact IV

As you probably would have expected from a pocket PC the HTC Diamond will have one of the best connectivity feature-packs around. 3G with HSDPA and HSUPA support is on board, along with USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It will feature almost no hardware keys and will come in the amazingly compact dimensions of 51 x 99 x 10.7mm making it a great successor of the HTC Touch.

There will also be an O2 version of the HTC Touch Diamond - the O2 XDA Diamond.

HTC Raphael is the next expected device. Seen as a successor of the HTC TyTN II the Raphael is expected to be sold as HTC Touch Pro. It features almost the same set of features as the HTC Diamond but adds a full slide-out QWERTY-keyboard. The 4GB of internal memory is also missing and the dimensions will get a bit beefier at 51 x 99 x 17mm.

HTC Titanium is another rumored platform that is expected to make the news on the 6th of May - presumably as HTC Touch Dual Pro. As the name suggests it is coming as a successor of the HTC Touch Dual and will probably have a feature pack similar to the just described previous two PocketPCs but with a 12 or 20 key slide-out keypad this time.

Another really exciting device that is expected to be announced next Tuesday is the HTC Dream Android, which will be the first device to feature the new Android OS.

Finally, we come to the HTC Touch Find, which will feature a 2.8-inch touchscreen but this time with the more modest QVGA resolution. It will also boast Wi-Fi, a 3 megapixel snapper, GPS and 3G with HSDPA support. Here is how it's supposed to look like based on a leaked photo.

HTC Touch Find

Along with the devices the HTC is expected to showcase its latest user interface known around the internet as Manila. It is probably going to come preinstalled on some of the just described devices and as some sources around the internet claim the Manila is going to be a more than worthy successor to the TouchFLO interface.

Sources: msmobiles MoDaCo


Reader comments

  • polywmfan

Why is HTC coming out with so many new devices? It's not like anyone who ever bought a TyTN2, Touch cruise, touch,touch dual etc WILL EVER BUY ANOTHER HTC DEVICE AGAIN in their life (http://www.htcclassaction.org/)!!! It's pretty naive to think they ...

  • Love, md

@ Melody, The Mobile One shop in Park square one in makati i found several HTC fones. Try looking there or any palm store.

  • Love, md

@ Melody, no go t your ghills plan. especially not a 2nd hand fone. In the end, its better to buy a good brand new one with warranty than buy a much cheaper 2nd hand one with no warranty. If u have a friend who has the inside scoop at any store in gh...

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