A ton of HTCs expected on 6 May

29 Apr, 2008
With only a week left to the HTC new mobile phones announcement we are already witnessing the first bits of information about the highly expected devices. The campaign bearing the...

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  • polywmfan

Why is HTC coming out with so many new devices? It's not like anyone who ever bought a TyTN2, Touch cruise, touch,touch dual etc WILL EVER BUY ANOTHER HTC DEVICE AGAIN in their life (http://www.htcclassaction.org/)!!! It's pretty naive to think they will be able to sucker that many new customers into buying useless devices, without proper drivers etc and without an apology, nevermind an attempt to solve the problem!
They should know we, who have been suckered, will never stop warning people about what they have done until the day we die or the company goes out of business!!!

  • Love, md

@ Melody, The Mobile One shop in Park square one in makati i found several HTC fones. Try looking there or any palm store.

  • Love, md

@ Melody, no go t your ghills plan. especially not a 2nd hand fone. In the end, its better to buy a good brand new one with warranty than buy a much cheaper 2nd hand one with no warranty. If u have a friend who has the inside scoop at any store in ghills and trustworthy, go buy, but if its just u and u dont know any 1 from there.. think twice, thrice, sooo many times.

  • Melody

Hi, I'm really interested in buying HTC, but do they have it here in Manila? I just got this link from a friend.. I saw a Dopod phone that I relly liked.. but its a 2nd hand phone in Greenhills... Do you think its safe to buy from there? If not, where can i get brand new HTC?

  • vedanga

i really like htc touch find it really looks gr8 piece of art.......

  • Anonymous

I agree with u very much Linda, THE BIGGER THE SCREEN THE BETTER, I got a new phone with a 3" screen (LG Viewty) & I sooo miss my beautiful old 3.5" screen. I don't care that the phone is 5mm smaller, I WANT A BIG SCREEN, I think that's why the Iphone is so successful despite its many shortfalls (it's got a 3.5" screen which is very different from 3")

  • Linda

I love the idea of bigger screens not all of us can see very well even with glasses, I dont have to focus too hard with the bigger screens. The new onscreen keyboards are wonderful, because of the lit background it makes it so much easier to see. I dont know if these devices will have the qwerty keyboard in full landscape mode , but I certainly would like to see this in devices today.

  • Alex

This HTC "touch find" is none other than the O2 XDA Orbit 2 (aka HTC Touch Cruise with a different body casing) dont believe me ? check out http://shop.o2.co.uk/mobile_phone/O2/Xda_Orbit_2­?lastPage=/mobile_phones/Pay_Monthly/page4

  • Anonymous

why is everyone always going on about making the screen bigger?

they make them at 2.8" so its small enough to fit in your pocket and that you dont have some big bulky device sticking out.

i can guarantee that one htc or any other phone manufacturer make something with a 3" screen you will all be complaining that the phone is too big.

  • Gilz

Ohh please, dont mention iPhone anymore, if you like iPhone then go with it, Dont talk about the bad thing about other brand. PPC suppose to behave like PC and guess what, if you dont like its UI, you can always customise it even you can put iPhone UI style inside winmo. I just hope that HTC include the driver for these phone and if possible try to make the screen bigger next time.

  • andry

the main disadvantage of HTC Touch Dual is it lack of WiFi feature.
and it's a really big turn down.
Let's hope the new Touch Dual fix that.

  • Anonymous

to Sap: iphone "serius" resolution is worse than vga

  • Anonymous

It won't need video drivers if it's got vga screen and the chipset it's supposed to have

  • coolworld

oh and i forgot, some cameras go under water without protection to 10 meters ! while phones are still victimised by a few droops of saliva from babies or dogs or idiot colleagues on caffeine

  • coolworld

where is the superphone ? just ah and oh for just every model they throw at us. Enough. JCB makes unbreakeble ones. great so it's possible. phones drop all the time. watches have unscratchable glass,it's called crystal sapphire,cameras have reached 12 mp with optical stabilizer and can shoot almost in perfect darkness.put all that together,with VGA displays of 16m colours,quadband wifi bluetooth infrared mp3 player through great speakers,easy and fast interface that reads all formats, completely programmable and bug free with extendable memory without limits.All this is easy to do. just give us a great 3 days battery life at full use and finally i'll be happy. so,guys and girls, who'd buy that phone ? some mp4 players have 80 gb memory plus accept memory cards for 3 years now so what mobile makers are waiting for ??? techno is there for a long time

  • Sap

Can't they just take all the good things of IPhone with and improve on the cucrent Pocket Pc? Common guys!

- Big beautiful screen, with some serious resolution
- Move away from that awful window interface
- Thin design without keyboard and messy buttons on the screen.

  • Anonymous

Hei HTC,after i buy htc TC and find out UI very slow and without video driver....NO..NO..NO TO HTC... I dont care how beautiful your products,I will not touch your HTC anymore.

  • liehuo11

I really pray that HTC will include a video driver.

  • Anonymous

waiting to see ANDROID in action. It doesn't matter if device is LG or HTC.

  • maxmit

any news on the mega pixel of HTC Touch Diamond ? and the weight ?
by far i think it will be the best phone with 4GB memory .. expandable !! and awesome processor speed .. however dosent any feel that the RAM should have been 256MB rather than 128MB .. ? (just a question)
HTC u ROCK .. !! I have a HTC TOUCH .. and I have modified it to the hilt .. everyone around me is envious of this fact .. !!