Acer Liquid Z630

Acer Liquid Z630

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  • ⚡Shazam&am

is this compatible with 128GB microSD card?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 May 2016Customer Service Sucks!! 'Was promised to send me a new pho... moreI got it from Costco too, and also had to get a new one. The first one had many problems including the battery draining fast one. I went back to Costco after chatting with Acer and finally got a new one. The new one was working like a charm. Now the major problem with this phone is the Google speech to text or the call function, the only solution is when a good condition earphones are plugged in.

Bought this for 120 Swiss Francs in Zurich when my old smartphone was soaked in a sudden storm.
Nice phone, did me until the next phone hit, and then was with my girlfriend until the battery started to go and the microphone started to play up.
Quality phone but it would have been better if there had been more updates considering it's Acer, not some shoddy phone company. It's still in great condition externally despite the faults mentioned.

  • The Witch

Why is it if I connect to PLDT WiFi
Even if I enter the correct password
It will show"authentication problem"
I check the settings, everything on my phone.
But it doesn't work.
Thank you.

I have this phone for some years now, but thinking of replacing it soon. It is a nice phone, it makes good pictures/videos, browsing the net is fast, games run smoothly, etc. But I have also encountered some cons.

The battery, while it is 4000mAh, can drain fast depending on what you do, the back of the phone heats up on heavy usage which can be annoying to touch. And I also had moments when I left the phone idle, it went from 70% down to 10% in an instant, sometimes completely empty and turned off, and when I tried to charge it after that, the percentage stayed at 1%, or changed to 10 and 11 whenever I took the battery out and back.

Other nuisance is when it freezes randomly or starts lagging, I always have to use Avast to free up some RAM size. One time my phone froze completely while I tried to update some apps from the Play Store, I tried restarting, it didn't react, then took out/back the battery, but doing this managed to corrupt my SD card completely.

  • paul

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2018 like everyone else my power buttons broke, it drains so fa... morehow to fix man? same here :(

  • Anonymous

like everyone else my power buttons broke, it drains so fast, randomly crashes, now it has problem charging due to faulty charging port. this phone is so frustrating af i wont recommend it to anyone. buy something else

  • ayoub

Abdul, 19 Aug 2018I'm Abdul from Morocc. I bought this phone, after 4 months... morelike me

  • Abdul

I'm Abdul from Morocc.
I bought this phone, after 4 months when I visited a hot place ( Sahara) 46 °c after few hours the battery gone.
I tried to charge it again but it doesn't work.
I searched for it on all corners of Morocco but I didn't find it, fortunately I found another battery which fits this Acer z630.
The battery of this phone is good by this 4000 Am but anyone using this phone has to be careful about the heat, the battery is sensible about this. I think that the ingeneers of the battery they didn't hear in mind that this type of phone will reach hot countries like mine.

  • Anonymous

Blue led light is constantly on and having problems charging battery.

  • mio mo_31

jovan, 07 Jun 2018My phone is not open it apears a green screen loading not ... morejust connect to charger while loading

  • Anonymous

Theres a message in my phone that " process system isn't responding and the result is i can't connect to wi-fi , cant open the fm radio and also the bluetooth..what will i do?thanks..advise please

  • jovan

My phone is not open it apears a green screen loading not to reach 100% the will off

  • jovan

My phone is not open it apears a green screen loading not to reach 100% the will off

  • James

Hi, so I have this similar phone for almost 2 years. And now I can't touch the screen of it. It glitched yesterday when I was surfing the net and it turned off. As I turned it back on. I can't touch the screen. Btw, I'm using different phone in typing this.

  • nero

No battery issues so far. However touch screen touch by itself and right now I'm having a hard time typing this. I recommend not to buy this phone by any chance if you don't want to face the same problem. Victim of Acer liquid z630 😭

  • Madmax

Sivi, 05 Sep 2017I want to buy this phone, but i read on the internet this p... moreThe gps of this phone is A-GPS only, and work like nothing.. Useless GPS. In 1 to 10 i will rate it 7 overall.

  • Balu

Is there any service center in Salem ,Tamilnadu ,India

  • Balu

Acer liquid z630s mobile phone switch off immediately after removed from charger

  • sagaya

Iam really dissopointed .NO service center in mysore. only ono year one month i used this phone . it switched off immediately .