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Acer Liquid Zest

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  • Red

zieg, 16 Mar 2019Is the phone Acer Liquid Zest 4G micro USB port MHL suppor... moreAnother issue of OTG functionality . . Besides product partnership with another technology as DLNA or as the +ANT is specific of built in features so serving such specifc benefits you are asking, in pertaining or so querrying about . .

Again this is priduct specific features cannot be remedied by any PlayStore app nuisances. .😔😩😡😠

  • Hezek

My Acer phone USB connection can not be recognize into any PC

  • zieg

Is the phone Acer Liquid Zest 4G micro USB port MHL supported? Or how many pin is it's micro USB port?

Or can the phone connect to the LEDTV USB or HDMI Port?

  • Ali

My T 06 phone is slow ,but camara and battery is very nice to use,

  • Anonymous

Great cameras. Beat out some expensive stuff. I want to dump it but I won't.

  • Anonymous

So thin and fast

  • Anonymous

I've had it for exactly one year and it's okay. For the price it's marvellous but there are indeed a few performance issues. The first is anytime I open an app it almost always crashes, I don't think this is a problem with the app, but with the phone. Otherwise it's a good phone for social media, texting, browsing the web, and calling. Wouldn't recommend it for games or anything else really. It's an okay phone if you aren't one to constantly be on your phone.

  • Anonymous

zest + $179.00 staples canada had 2 years long battery life,quick charge super easy to use
comes with flip cover,equal to a i6 or better than an lg hands down,.only problem is sometime flipcove will turn camera on ..but for the money can,t be beat

  • AUSSIE1943

Had my Acer Liquid Zest for a few months now and it works great!!

  • Anonymous

This phone is horrible, I've had it for a little less than 6 months and it is unusable. Restarts every 10-20 minutes, when it does reset sometimes apps disappear and I am unable to re-download them. I am unable to charge it, the issue is not the cable or power source as I have rotated all possible cords and sources. Audio jumps and glitches. I can't use a mild usage app, and apps that I am not using crash. Digital home buttons don't work all the time. Phone screen doesn't always turn on, by that I mean that the screen is awake but it is still black. The only thing that isn't too bad with this phone is the camera and speaker, but not the headphone speaker. Don't get this phone just because it's cheap, a total waste of money.

  • Geo

oy, 12 Jun 2018this phone is really unacceptable, performance is bad, the ... moreThe phone is shit it has slow. Processing and its doesnt have up to 4G

  • oy

this phone is really unacceptable, performance is bad, the battery is bad, and is really slow

  • Vinz

Zolpszx, 27 Nov 2017I hate dis phone cant Support nba2k14 wat da and Other game... moreHeyy this supports nba 2k14

  • Xyz

Karla, 12 Mar 2018How can I set up my micro SD card as the internal storage? ... moreGo to Acer Aid Kit or install „Files to SD Card".

  • Karla

Gokai Yellow, 24 Apr 2017By the way is there a chance that we can update the RAM and... moreHow can I set up my micro SD card as the internal storage? I'd like to download more apps or even music but it won't let me. On the app store when I want to download or update my apps it keeps showing me the "Box" where I have to "free up space" the only way I'd make it to download anything is if I delete one of the apps I use the most like messenger, Facebook or snapchat.. I did put the micro SD in and tried even "migrated data" but it still isn't working. My phone is detecting the SD but won't let me use it..Help!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Feb 2018Replacing to SD Card: Acer Aid Kit-Applications-Replace F... moreThis *is very good phone😅I'm sorry

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Feb 2018Replacing to SD Card: Acer Aid Kit-Applications-Replace F... more*duration

  • Anonymous

Replacing to SD Card:
Acer Aid Kit-Applications-Replace
For this price,this od very good phone.I have it. Sound is very good.But a little problem is memory:just 4 or 8 GB.It has just 1 GB RAM,but it's very fast.With battery of 2000 mAh,it has very long daily durat

  • Anonymous

AnonD-711152, 28 Nov 2017My 32Gb SD card works fine in my phone, maybe it is just yo... moreNot any bit full it did not teach me anything

  • Need to update apps

How to move applications to SD card storage? I have 64gb and still I cant download apps. What to do?