alcatel 1 (2021)

alcatel 1 (2021)

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  • Zero

And when the Dual Core, 512 MB and 2 GB ROM phones Alcatel?

  • baby nail

please somebody inform alcatel that we are all living in 2021,not in 2000 !!!

Lol this like a 2011 smartphone with a newer OS.

  • Fitted254

Im from Africa specifically Kenya and this phones sell good here because most people cant afford even a 100 euro phone, no joke people here save for a few months to buy this android go phones.

Sellphone but smartphone

  • Anonymous

hahahahahha 1GB RAM, what a piece of shit

this should cost 40 eur max!

  • Optional

Wow... So many improvements from original Alcatel 1 2018. Here.. look for yourself... not good Alcatel... not good...

With this price i just bought lava r5 with 6gb and 128 gb