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Ahmed, 10 Jul 2021Very sluggish and buggy phone. KAI OS need to do more. Does... moreWhat do you mean it does not record call logs? I can see entire history of missed, dialed, received calls.

  • Ahmed

Very sluggish and buggy phone. KAI OS need to do more. Does not record call logs

  • Anonymous

Whatsapp now supports calling but after upgrade there is no calling feature. Very disappointing tbh. Anyone have whatsapp calling? This phone is 512MB ram which was required. Also anymore updates? Can’t believe kaios only went from 2.51 to 2.511. Also a load of bugs with predictive text that weren’t there before. Come on Alcatel sort this out.

  • Mark

It does not record call logs. What a shitty phone

Prcek, 09 Dec 2020I think this phone doesn't support VoLTE, the settings... moreThere exists one youtube video of 3088X where VoLTE icon is visible in the headerline of the screen.
The mentioned setting only gets visible in case your provider accepts this phone in his network regarding VoLTE.
So the phone itself and KaiOS support VoLTE, you can check the spec of the processer also.

Kriss1, 05 Dec 2020VoLTE is not possible with this phone in Germany! I tried o... moreI think this phone doesn't support VoLTE, the settings is missing (it should be probably in Settings -> Network & connectivity).

VoLTE is not possible with this phone in Germany! I tried out all providers here and every Sim falls from 4G to 3G when a call is initiated. The Sim cards work fine with VoLTE in other smartphones. Can anyone help to show me how I can activate VoLTE in this phone?

Prcek, 18 Sep 2020There is a Java emulator for KaiOS: morethis no longer works on kaios 2.5.1 and above... the dev stopped supporting it like a year ago.. most newer phone come pre-shipped with 2.5.2... this does work with kaios 2.5

There are some mistakes in the specification:
1) The CPU is 1.3GHz Dual-core ARM Cortex™- A53 (
2) There is a card slot and according to information on the box, it's compatible with MicroSD cards up to 128 GB
3) The phone can record videos up to 1280x720, you just have to set it in the camera settings
4) There is no MP3/MP4/H.263 player, according to the phone's manual, it supports playing these media formats: AAC, AAC+, eAAC, AMR, AMR-WB, OGG.

The phone came with KaiOS 2.5.1 and after OTA update, it shows KaiOS version The look&feel of the UI is very pleasant, response is quick. There are some drawbacks, you cannot customize the system much. For example there is no option to set custom sound for incoming SMS. You can't set the D-pad keys functions, they are hardwired to: LEFT=quick launch apps, UP=status screen, RIGHT=camera, DOWN=undefined.

Autobiote, 05 Dec 2019Still no Java, which means no thank you.There is a Java emulator for KaiOS:
But I don't have any experience with it.

  • Anonymous

mrfone, 31 Jul 2020I have read reviews of this phone failing after 3 or 4 mont... moresame things on me, what shitty phone!!!

I have read reviews of this phone failing after 3 or 4 months. Sadly this happened to me. The phone would not boot up, it just stayed on the Alcatel logo.

  • Thomas

Cristian, 07 Jul 2020GMaps doesn't find my location (with geolocation activ... moreSince this phone lacks a GPS Sensor, you will need to manually input your address/location into Google Maps.

  • Cristian

GMaps doesn't find my location (with geolocation activated). Endless search for it! How can I fix this problem?

I love these kind of phones. Got a couple of questions though.... Does the Contacts section on the 3088 have a decent sized field for 'Notes', and can it store multiple phone numbers for the same contact? Also, can I set my Hotmail up on its Email and will it allow composing & replying or is it just basic reading only? Can the Maps give driving directions like a sat-nav or is it purely a map? Thanks.

  • Iv

There are mistakes in specifications - the phone HAS SD card slot and video is not 480, but 720*1280 and is really super for a such phone. Phone is very nice, fast, very clean and loud voice when speaking, screen also is very good for such kind of phones.

Anonymous, 16 Apr 2020Can anyone tell me please, if this phone supports VoLTE (vo... moreVoLTE performance is fine, i liked it. Loud and clear. VoLTE or normal call is OK with the phone but I found handsfree call should be louder maybe (maybe it can be changed with update, other sound outputs are high)

zurrani, 22 May 2020Import from google is 1500 limit. But after import I add ne... moreYou can import contact over 1500 with bluetooth send.

  • Anonymous

Please help!!!

My alcatel 3088 doesn't work. I can not turn on this phone, when I press button for turn on, phone vibrate and shows black screen with Alcatel abowe and KAIOS bellow, and just stay like this!! Phone is by over Amazon, I concact Amazon and they say to concact seller Seller is same company from Spain, they suggest to concact Alcatel!! I fell like they play ping pong with me!! Who is responsible for repair or money return?

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Abo King, 17 Dec 2019Is phonebook unlimited of contacts?Import from google is 1500 limit. But after import I add new contact and it keep counting 1501, 1502. My opinion it has a good limit. Also it has no google or Microsoft synchronization, only import from them to internal memory. No support all contact features: name surname, phone numbers, email, company name (but no department or position slot), address, birthday, notes. Relationships also missing. No big deal...