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I love these kind of phones. Got a couple of questions though.... Does the Contacts section on the 3088 have a decent sized field for 'Notes', and can it store multiple phone numbers for the same contact? Also, can I set my Hotmail up on its Email and will it allow composing & replying or is it just basic reading only? Can the Maps give driving directions like a sat-nav or is it purely a map? Thanks.

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    • ptA
    • 09 Jun 2020

    There are mistakes in specifications - the phone HAS SD card slot and video is not 480, but 720*1280 and is really super for a such phone. Phone is very nice, fast, very clean and loud voice when speaking, screen also is very good for such kind of phones.

      Anonymous, 16 Apr 2020Can anyone tell me please, if this phone supports VoLTE (vo... moreVoLTE performance is fine, i liked it. Loud and clear. VoLTE or normal call is OK with the phone but I found handsfree call should be louder maybe (maybe it can be changed with update, other sound outputs are high)

        zurrani, 22 May 2020Import from google is 1500 limit. But after import I add ne... moreYou can import contact over 1500 with bluetooth send.

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          • Anonymous
          • pEC
          • 24 May 2020

          Please help!!!

          My alcatel 3088 doesn't work. I can not turn on this phone, when I press button for turn on, phone vibrate and shows black screen with Alcatel abowe and KAIOS bellow, and just stay like this!! Phone is by over Amazon, I concact Amazon and they say to concact seller Seller is same company from Spain, they suggest to concact Alcatel!! I fell like they play ping pong with me!! Who is responsible for repair or money return?

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            Abo King, 17 Dec 2019Is phonebook unlimited of contacts?Import from google is 1500 limit. But after import I add new contact and it keep counting 1501, 1502. My opinion it has a good limit. Also it has no google or Microsoft synchronization, only import from them to internal memory. No support all contact features: name surname, phone numbers, email, company name (but no department or position slot), address, birthday, notes. Relationships also missing. No big deal...

              Anonymous, 29 Apr 2020How to send voice messages on whatsapp? After one second go... moreDon't hold the button, click one then click again. If you hold, google assistant will be activated.

                It supports 480p/720p video in 3gpp format.

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                  • Rui Pedro
                  • DQg
                  • 21 May 2020

                  The camera of this phone is fantastic. Really, the photos are great, even when then light is not much.
                  I also like a lot of the call quality. It has, I think, a noise reduction system. You can ear clearly the people who you're talking too even if you are in the midle of the street.
                  The browser also works well.
                  My shame is about the Google Maps app. I would love it to be a really full navigation system, like the one you have on Google phones.
                  And if it could have a full phisical qwerty keyboard, like the Jio Phone 2, that would be great.
                  But is a good phone. I like it.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • mNQ
                    • 08 May 2020

                    zurrani, 19 Apr 2020It support 32gb microsd. I also wonder all its features but... moreI have a 64GB card working fine in mine.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • mNQ
                      • 08 May 2020

                      Anonymous, 16 Apr 2020Can anyone tell me please, if this phone supports VoLTE (vo... moreYes, it does.

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                        • MuD
                        • 29 Apr 2020

                        How to send voice messages on whatsapp? After one second google assistant is activited and stoped recording, any solution for this???

                          It support 32gb microsd. I also wonder all its features but no review anywhere...

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                            • Evq
                            • 16 Apr 2020

                            Can anyone tell me please, if this phone supports VoLTE (voice over LTE - making calls in 4G, or does it fallback to 3G when making calls)?

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                              • Anonymous
                              • Mj@
                              • 27 Mar 2020

                              I have this phone 7 days, in real looks better than on pictures. Keypad is good, battery life is very solid, internet speed for this kind of phone is ok. Sometimes is hanging on you tube and than I must turn off and turn on and than is ok. No copy/paste and multitab, Ithis is big minus for me. I would like except multitab and copy/paste, Shazam and some aplication for music streaming on demand like deezer or spotify.

                                This the best KaiOS phone I have owned. Better than the two Nokia's I have. Seems much faster and battery much better. The Nokias might have the looks but this phone is a rock solid Smart Feature Phone. The keypad is good.

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                                  • Oski
                                  • a4D
                                  • 17 Mar 2020

                                  Rich, 15 Mar 2020Great bit of kit. I have been experimenting with various No... moreI bought the phone yesterday but you can not make voice calls with WhatsApp..

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                                    • Rich
                                    • mXN
                                    • 15 Mar 2020

                                    Great bit of kit. I have been experimenting with various Nokia handsets than I thought I could use whatsapp and email on. All were a waste of time. This 3088x is excellent, really easy to set up and really easy to use. Thanks Alcatel

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                                      • expert
                                      • ak{
                                      • 01 Mar 2020

                                      4G, hotspot,wifi
                                      2 days battery life,
                                      fast calls,sos calls.lantern,
                                      whatsapp,youtube ,fb and google assistant.
                                      all working fine .

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                                        • Peter
                                        • n{$
                                        • 31 Dec 2019

                                        I bought the phone for my father in hope to replace his old nokia with a phone capable to connect to car audio over Bluetooth. Overal is it a disapointment. Despite offering unnecessary perks like whats ap (without voice calls), YouTube, google asistant and GPS, some intuitive features from the old phones are missing. For example, no way to customize contacts with images or ringtones or assign some as favorite to fast call buttons, cant see the number while scrolling trough contacts, when you started scrolling without filtering with leter, you cant try to filter, until you scroll back to the beginning of the list. The filter alone is teribly slow. And other small odd things like when it connects with car, it always asks for permission to share contacts without option to remember my choice.