alcatel 3L (2020)

alcatel 3L (2020)

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  • NYM
  • 14 Nov 2022

TheGrave, 02 Feb 2021Anyone managed to hide the navigation bar on this phone? Pi... moreWho knows how to take a screenshot??I've struggled with this

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    • Jx8
    • 07 Nov 2021

    Quality control could be lot better, phone does not feel solid , there are plastic cracking noises when you press it slightly. I am amazed this phone had like a 200€ release price.

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      • TjI
      • 27 Mar 2021

      TheGrave, 06 Feb 2021I have to say I'm quite impressed by the picture quali... moreWell that depends on your charger
      I'm using a Samsung brick and the original cabel and it charges pretty fast on me

        I have to say I'm quite impressed by the picture quality given the phone cost although it doesn't always focus properly. Camera software is quite limited bear in mind.

        Phone is snappy, battery life is good (but charging is super slow), call quality is good as well, wifi and mobile data work as expected.

        I've faced a few discontents with this phone so far:

        1) Cannot hide the navigation bar. Screws you up big time when the keyboard pops up and you need to press a key near the bottom. It is supported on other Alcatel phones so go figure out.
        2) There is no ambient light sensor!!! Released in 2020 for f*ck's sake! I've got phones 10 years older that have this super advanced feature. Not to mention it's hard to read the screen in bright sunlight even at max brightness setting.
        3) After a while, not sure why yet (could be because I've uninstalled all the Google crapware from this phone) I can no longer install apps from F-Droid or manually via the file manager. Some process crashes in the background.
        4) Screen resolution is a bit low for this screen size. Letters are a bit big as a result and do not look so nice but it's acceptable.
        5) Too much bloatware for something marketed as Motorola. You need a good adb cleanup script to make it safer.
        6) Android security update patch level is November 2020 in February 2021. I'd be surprised if there is an update for this phone, ever.
        7) Phone is made in China not by Motorola but some company called TCT. The personal data they collect (copy/paste from their privacy policy): contact and payment details, address, phone number, credit card number, e-mail, address, gender, date of birth, location, occupation, language, time zone, IMEI, IMSI, MAC address, referrer URLs, IP. You can easily guess what happens with this data afterwards. I'd never trust this phone for sensitive work.
        8) I can't run ADB over WiFi. I was under the impression Xiaomi phones are the only ones that do not support this feature.
        9) It doesn't support split-screen. A feature I miss much from my Xiaomi. Thought it's a standard feature on Android 10 phones but maybe I'm wrong.
        10) Max volume is a bit low. I don't always hear the phone when it's ringing.

        Overall I'm happy with the phone for the purpose I purchased it for - to serve as a vehicle GPS tracker and a backup phone in case my primary dies. Having said that I haven't tested it yet as a tracker but I've done some GPS tracking outdoors and signal reception seems to be fine. My previous Redmi 9 was beating it in almost every capacity except camera quality (far worse) and bloatware (it had sufficiently more) but then after 2 months of use the speaker started giving out noises while the phone was idle so it went back to Amazon.

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          • sr%
          • 03 Feb 2021

          Stein, 01 Jan 2021Anyone idea of how good this phone is. Am trying to get one... moreThe phone is good. Fast enough, battery life is great, games are pretty good, camera is excellent, fits in hand perfectly and it has vers clear display and good design, cpu does not warm up even when I play games long time.
          Ram and rom memory are very good 4+64GB.
          I recommend this phone, but remmember to buy strong case for this phone, and a protective glass.

            Anyone managed to hide the navigation bar on this phone? Pisses me off big time by throwing me out of apps randomly as I type on the keyboard.

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              • Misileboy
              • CGH
              • 25 Jan 2021

              AnonD-82756, 31 Dec 2020Well that is simply not true stop talking BS Please have you used it before

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                • Stein
                • CGH
                • 01 Jan 2021

                Titanos391, 04 Jun 2020Exactly... flagships from 2017-2018 will be far better than... moreAnyone idea of how good this phone is. Am trying to get one next week, the specs are good though

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                  • AnonD-82756
                  • sXE
                  • 31 Dec 2020

                  Dogspurt, 29 May 2020It's an Alcatel. Be prepared for plenty of bloatware, as we... moreWell that is simply not true stop talking BS

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                    • mIe
                    • 25 Dec 2020

                    atnedr, 10 Oct 2020It's always 48MP if they say so, but photos come out i... moreI was not impressed with picture quality. For 3 days I wondered how Alcatel advertises false specification like Chinese companies. Then I clicked high pixel option. The pictures taken were excellent with 8000*6000 pixels. This setting does not stay permanently. You gave ti check it before taking the picture.

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                      • Cah
                      • KZJ
                      • 23 Nov 2020

                      Is it available at Malaysia

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                        • fuv
                        • 21 Oct 2020

                        Dogspurt, 29 May 2020It's an Alcatel. Be prepared for plenty of bloatware, as we... moreWhy saying that..

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                          • fuv
                          • 21 Oct 2020

                          Please how strong is the battery... That it last...

                            Anonymous, 30 Sep 2020You call this camera as 48 megapixels? That's never true🙄It's always 48MP if they say so, but photos come out in 12MP because of quad bayer filter.
                            What that means is, four pixels merge into one for better quality. Do a little research before saying anything.

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                              • XIa
                              • 30 Sep 2020

                              You call this camera as 48 megapixels? That's never true🙄

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                                • 4Dm
                                • 27 Sep 2020

                                I've been a little bit of a fan for Alcatel since I got the pixi 3 (4") and It's for me to upgrade from the galaxy j7 and I was hoping if they could make a new midrange by the end of this year

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                                  • 4Dm
                                  • 27 Sep 2020

                                  Biscuits, 27 Aug 2020Does this phone have GPS please? Which type?All smartphones have gps it's called Google maps and turning location on

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                                    • Biscuits
                                    • pYG
                                    • 27 Aug 2020

                                    Does this phone have GPS please? Which type?

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                                      • Aughey
                                      • nHU
                                      • 17 Jul 2020

                                      Just bought one of these phones. Carphone warehouse insist the phone is restricted to a 32 gig and SD card upgrade. I tried a 64 gig and it accepted it without any problems. The only niggle so far was trying to get the built in torch working. A pocket mode which I could not switch off prevented it coming on. I downloaded a torch app which solved the problem completely and added a blinking ability. The camera flash which is the same led as the torch was unaffected by the pocket mode glitch. So far I like this phone

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                                        • Oron
                                        • 3bm
                                        • 14 Jul 2020

                                        Alcatel 3l or in the A1 group is known as A1 Alpfa 20 but my mobile has 128 GB of internal memory and 4GB of working memory. The mobile is first class for Alcatel is really wonderful and the camera is very good, my recommendation is that you will not be disappointed He who wants to have a mobile.