alcatel 3L (2020)

alcatel 3L (2020)

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  • Anonymous
  • 4Dm
  • 27 Sep 2020

I've been a little bit of a fan for Alcatel since I got the pixi 3 (4") and It's for me to upgrade from the galaxy j7 and I was hoping if they could make a new midrange by the end of this year

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    • Anonymous
    • 4Dm
    • 27 Sep 2020

    Biscuits, 27 Aug 2020Does this phone have GPS please? Which type?All smartphones have gps it's called Google maps and turning location on

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      • Biscuits
      • pYG
      • 27 Aug 2020

      Does this phone have GPS please? Which type?

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        • Aughey
        • nHU
        • 17 Jul 2020

        Just bought one of these phones. Carphone warehouse insist the phone is restricted to a 32 gig and SD card upgrade. I tried a 64 gig and it accepted it without any problems. The only niggle so far was trying to get the built in torch working. A pocket mode which I could not switch off prevented it coming on. I downloaded a torch app which solved the problem completely and added a blinking ability. The camera flash which is the same led as the torch was unaffected by the pocket mode glitch. So far I like this phone

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          • Oron
          • 3bm
          • 14 Jul 2020

          Alcatel 3l or in the A1 group is known as A1 Alpfa 20 but my mobile has 128 GB of internal memory and 4GB of working memory. The mobile is first class for Alcatel is really wonderful and the camera is very good, my recommendation is that you will not be disappointed He who wants to have a mobile.

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            • Anthony Sullivan
            • bJ8
            • 13 Jul 2020

            Purchased a 3L on Vodafone Australia prepaid for $199-like the triple rear camera and does have some bloat ware like carrier apps, Gameloft games and Amazon and apps but all can be uninstalled thankfully.

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              • Ekorbby
              • XIa
              • 10 Jul 2020

              @joelboniawotwi, 14 May 2020No it doesn'tIt looks like you've ever used this phone. What can you say about the battery and camera

                This phone looks pretty good for the price

                  userbenchmark, 29 May 2020instead of buying very low end phones go buy an used flagsh... moreExactly... flagships from 2017-2018 will be far better than this phone.

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                    • coyz
                    • I@a
                    • 01 Jun 2020

                    What a strong guts from this company to release this kind of specs for 2020! Maybe they so much money waste...

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                      • Anonymous
                      • pVN
                      • 30 May 2020

                      Plz provide sar value for this smartphone

                        instead of buying very low end phones go buy an used flagship from 2018

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                          • TebogoM
                          • NsB
                          • 29 May 2020

                          Is it available in South Africa yet and what is the retail price?

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                            • Dogspurt
                            • 39y
                            • 29 May 2020

                            It's an Alcatel. Be prepared for plenty of bloatware, as well as dissatisfaction.

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                              • @joelboniawotwi
                              • CGH
                              • 14 May 2020

                              KingJona, 06 May 2020Can the Alcatel 3L record FM programs ?No it doesn't

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                                • KingJona
                                • NwL
                                • 06 May 2020

                                Can the Alcatel 3L record FM programs ?

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                                  • asa
                                  • tet
                                  • 22 Feb 2020

                                  does alcatel 3L support for hml?

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                                    • Dan
                                    • 2Wn
                                    • 17 Jan 2020

                                    Nice to see Alcatel increasing the battery size of many new budget phones to 4000mAh.

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                                      • Adul Al Salami Kebab
                                      • nrX
                                      • 13 Jan 2020

                                      Okay this thing looks neat, good going Alcatel! :D

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                                        • zisis
                                        • pVN
                                        • 10 Jan 2020

                                        I have just realized how good alcatel phones are!I really hope it is as great as all the other phones and with a low price.Btw, if you need a budget phone that is about as good as Redmi Note 8T, get 3X.Awesome phone.