alcatel 3x (2019)

alcatel 3x (2019)

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Jesus this phone is in Barcelone Nord Buc Estacio the advert is since 2019

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    • Xyleyla
    • sr2
    • 26 Oct 2023

    I really want to get rid of this phine. I have it since 2020 and it works really well even now. Do you have any idea what can i do? It just wont break, apps goes really well. I want new phone but my parents dont want to buy me because this one works just fine. Help

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      • Anonymous
      • 8@M
      • 27 Feb 2023

      Anonymous, 15 Mar 2022The battery reacted to heat and expanded moving the backpla... moreThe same happened to me

        • c
        • chan
        • 7}S
        • 22 Jun 2022

        big no nfc

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          • Anonymous
          • XsP
          • 15 Mar 2022

          The battery reacted to heat and expanded moving the backplate out. Would have recommended otherwise, but can't really now.

            • S
            • Sujith
            • XWi
            • 02 Feb 2022

            Where will we get the battery for this phone . Seems it is not available in the market.
            Urgently looking for one.

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              • Anonymous
              • P9x
              • 08 Oct 2021

              LEOPK, 16 Sep 2021Can someone give the review that is this mobile good for games ?It's really good for games indeed.

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                • Anonymous
                • P9x
                • 08 Oct 2021

                Attention: it's not compatible with Miracast , Chromecast, nor any type of screen mirroring. You won't be able to see in a TV the same as screen.

                  • u
                  • userusingphone
                  • njE
                  • 03 Oct 2021

                  It´s the best Alcatel I've had so far. Almost two years with it and it's CPU and RAM are still good to go well with all my apps. Battery still good too. Volume in all speakers is low, as is usually the problem with Alcatel, but I usually use hands-free headphones or bluetooth speaker, so it's not so bad.

                    • L
                    • LEOPK
                    • Y}$
                    • 16 Sep 2021

                    Can someone give the review that is this mobile good for games ?

                      • m
                      • mrmaldhi
                      • akk
                      • 21 Dec 2020

                      Not the best phone out there but certainly not bad. I'd give it a 10 if it was not for the camera. So far I give it 8/10. Battery life is better than most Samsung phones I've used and so is the storage. It's quick and easy to use. the only thing I dislike is the front camera and the fact that you can hardly find a back cover for it if u don't use the one provided. otherwise nice phone.

                        • L
                        • Leyon
                        • bJb
                        • 10 Dec 2020

                        shaerif, 11 Sep 2020Is this can be upgraded to Android 10 ?Better don't, congest memory and may making your phone lagging. Once upgraded and couldn't downgrade anymore, think wisely.

                          • S
                          • Svmi
                          • LeY
                          • 19 Nov 2020

                          For people saying that camera is bad - camera is decent but you might be retarded. At first it might seem that there aren't many options or settings to the camera app, but just swipe and switch to manual, even there you can still use auto mode for settings but you can play around with aparture, depth, ISO etc. You just need to understand how it works.
                          Other than that phone seems fine so far. You get what you paid for and a bit more. It was the cheapest new phone for the specs in my country.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • JB9
                            • 05 Nov 2020

                            Meow, 09 Oct 2020Is this phone good for gaming? (COD, ML, PUBG)Get Redmi Note 8 Pro or Redmi Note 9 Pro for gamong

                              • A
                              • Aitbar pk
                              • dZv
                              • 02 Nov 2020

                              Meow, 09 Oct 2020Is this phone good for gaming? (COD, ML, PUBG)Lol xxxxx.

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                                • Gig
                                • am9
                                • 13 Oct 2020

                                Nothing but trouble one return two repairs wouldn't have another one if you paid me

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                                  • Meow
                                  • sxr
                                  • 09 Oct 2020

                                  Is this phone good for gaming? (COD, ML, PUBG)

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 3kp
                                    • 06 Oct 2020

                                    camera hasn't any problem, is just poor. The only letdown of this nice phone. I Bought the 6GB version

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • N2J
                                      • 30 Sep 2020

                                      raju gyawali, 08 Jun 2020all is ok but camrea is very vry bad bad bad please what the problem of camera ,!!!?

                                        • m
                                        • mahayyi
                                        • 04{
                                        • 29 Sep 2020

                                        why gsmarena dont hear about alcatel 3x 2020? it is in the market (saudi arabia) since two weeks.