alcatel 3x (2019)

alcatel 3x (2019)

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Is this can be upgraded to Android 10 ?

    • R
    • Rizwan
    • uZa
    • 14 Aug 2020

    Is this Global Version
    Can I use this in Pakistan

      • a
      • adham
      • 6pB
      • 13 Aug 2020

      Cezaro, 03 Jul 2020Dears, plz reply, why the 3X couldn't connect to 5g wi... moredu alcatel 3x not support 5g its just 4g

        • a
        • adham
        • 6pB
        • 13 Aug 2020

        Dilawar , 15 Jul 2020hello sir im form saudi arabia im using this phone it'... moreMy friend, for the information, the Alcatel guarantee is the Axiom company in Saudi Arabia. Go to them to change shipping port, and for the information most of the usp-type c is ruined by the large number of shipping.(damage quickly

          • s
          • shaif
          • nTp
          • 10 Aug 2020

          my alcatel 3x (128gb) has been total died suddenly all option that i made to reset still not working my last option to try to remove the battery but i don't know how to open the cover to unplugged the battery. please need help

            • D
            • Dilawar
            • 3rD
            • 15 Jul 2020

            hello sir
            im form saudi arabia im using this phone it's good but my phone charging port very quickly damage or I'm not find charging port alcatel 3x. THANK YOU

              Dears, plz reply, why the 3X couldn't connect to 5g wifi? And it can be upgraded to Android 10?

                Is it upgradable to Android 10?

                  • S
                  • Sair
                  • 0v5
                  • 20 Jun 2020

                  im very disappointed with this phone, personally i suggest to spend little more money and buy good one.. there are so many issues in this phone..

                    • S
                    • Shamim.Ahsan.BD
                    • L2P
                    • 19 Jun 2020

                    3x camera is the worst to remember always. Alcatel makes you fool always by something. Now you are fool to buy 3x. Can you feel you have a device with 6gb RAM and 128 ROM but the camera configuration is just "0"?
                    Alcatel, please change your plan to catch market with faulty configuration. One day, you will be out of market as happened for the Nokia. Remember my words.

                      Muthu, 09 Jun 2020Made in country?

                        • Z
                        • Zoka
                        • 3bm
                        • 16 Jun 2020

                        Maher Salem, 12 Jun 2020Very Strong Signal, very good performance, Good battery and... moreWhy is the camera bad, what's the problem?

                          • M
                          • Maher Salem
                          • CIi
                          • 12 Jun 2020

                          Very Strong Signal, very good performance, Good battery and bad cameras

                            • M
                            • Muthu
                            • J7K
                            • 09 Jun 2020

                            Made in country?

                              • r
                              • raju gyawali
                              • S1U
                              • 08 Jun 2020

                              all is ok but camrea is very vry bad bad bad

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • ka8
                                • 29 May 2020

                                Steve21, 12 Feb 2020I was reserved at buying this phone as to me Alcatel is not... moreAppreciate your complete assessment

                                  • u
                                  • user-@d
                                  • nXc
                                  • 19 May 2020

                                  moby.chelsawy, 11 Apr 2020What is the screen protection on this device ? Gorilla or Ashai ?it's DragonTrail, yes

                                    • H
                                    • HCord
                                    • CGH
                                    • 05 May 2020

                                    I think if you are asking questions, relax and type well so we can get what you are trying to communicate.

                                      what I prefer alcatel 3X or infinex Hot 8 or redmi 8A I'm confused between there or any another phone at same price??

                                        • s
                                        • shahid
                                        • 6kA
                                        • 27 Apr 2020

                                        16nm fnfet technolgy not ideal for gaming multitasking and low quality screen hd plus but no amoled with weaker cameras not a good option