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  • Tata

Hi guys will a 5v/2.4A charger work well with this? my original charger broke.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-537078, 11 Jul 2017i can't remember the site.. but you can search it.. my suggestio... morehow to downgrade?

  • yog

Anonymous, 20 Nov 2018Time to replace the micro usb slot. Even though it is charging w... moreYou are right, it was the micro-usb of the phone. I cleaned the connector and it works with other usb cables except the original one.

  • Anonymous

yog, 23 Aug 2018Hi annoD, did you fix the problem? if yes, how? Recently, the p... moreTime to replace the micro usb slot. Even though it is charging when connected, other lines for data transfer could be broken; data lines are also in that usb connector, not only the power lines.

  • Pitz

I have already come up w/ system upgrade but after that my front canera dissappered how can i bring it back.. So upsetting.

  • kennethdale88

anonymous, 02 Nov 2017Mine too. can someone please give us some advice :( mine is the same problem. any fix?

  • Ian091118

yog, 23 Aug 2018Hi annoD, did you fix the problem? if yes, how? Recently, the p... moreMake sure the phone is unlocked from homescreen

  • Anonymous

Been using this phone since 2015 up to now. Good camera for its price.. didn't experience mush lag as long as you don't full load your memory, however this heat up when charging besides that not much problem

  • yog

AnonD-491563, 22 Jan 2016Everything is good. I just can't read my phone storage when I co... moreHi annoD, did you fix the problem? if yes, how?
Recently, the pc not detects the phone when connected but shows charging only(from the battery icon) and no pull down connecting options (charging, mtp...). I have tried different usb cables, diff phone with the same cables on diff pc, only my phone not detected.
I am still using lollipop 5.0 and is fine, a little bit lagging and battery shorter, though.
Could it be software issue? I am trying to save the photos and tel list if possible.
If anyone reading this has suggestions, pls do share.

  • Sharm

Bought this when it first came out in Lazada. Great phone, nice camera. Had this phone for 3 years, sadly it got wet and I have to buy a new one. Honestly, I'm a having a hard time looking for a better phone with an affordable price like Alcatel Flash 2.

I bought this at the end of 2015 and until now there is no problem. Very love this phone!

  • y

I can't transfer photos/data from my phone to the desktop PC now with micro usb cable. It can be charged battery power from the wall plug and even from the PC (the indicative light shows). Last time transferred was more then 2 months ago. My phone is 2 yrs old. Any suggestion?

  • JakeCPL

anonymous, 02 Nov 2017Mine too. can someone please give us some advice :( Just restart your phone every time it occurs. I've been using AF2 for 2 years now and experienced the same issue (always) just deal with it.

  • Bree2288

Af2 user since December2015. No other issues except for the speaker. I love my af2 but i think it's time to let go and start anew. Time to hand it over and Upgrade 😊

  • AnonD-724745

anyone can uninstall application which have not been used again?

  • nextsolusindo

I can't uninstall application which I have not been use again...every try to uninstall it, it will restart the phone before it finish uninstall the app...anyone have the same problem?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-724131, 19 Dec 2017Dear All, Very few people in our country (Bangladesh) uses Alca... moreI have EXACTLY this problem. Duno what to do.

  • AnonD-724131

Dear All,
Very few people in our country (Bangladesh) uses Alcatel Smartphones, I'm one of the fewer having issues with my Alcatel Flash 2 (7049D). I bought the phone as an uncommon choice and started using it with pride. But then starts this Overheating message and sudden power drain follows.

Sometimes when I'm browsing Youtube/ Playing games it shows a battery over temperature message even if the phone is not hot at all, then the Battery % Starts counting down and the phone shuts down without any warning in a minute.
Sometimes I see this message and restart the phone immediately to avoid an unwanted shut down. This restart has some different results in different instances:
1. Sometimes the phone doesn't turn on after showing the flash logo (seems not enough power to turn on). In this case if the phone is connected to a charger, it turns on with a pathetic long app loading period. During this app loading, the phone is enormously hot.
2. Sometimes it turns on with less than 15% charge (battery saver on)
3. Sometimes it turns on with same battery % where I restarted the phone.

In all above 3 cases, while charging, the phone starts charging in normal speed, then after a certain period it starts charging in dramatic fast speed (1%in each 2-4 seconds). the battery shows fully charged within 1-5 minutes after fast charging starts.

Can you suggest any solution to the problem? This phone is very unreliable to use.

  • AnonD-724131

AnonD-686569, 22 Jul 2017hi I'm using this flash 2 for 1.8 years it serves me well, i l... morethis happens to me too,
you just have to restart the phone once or twice while charger plugged in to solve the problem (each time it occurs)

  • Mbuhlah

I used this phone over than 1 year ago and the main problem was overheat. I replace the battery on last March (using its original) and now I facing the same problem.