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  • m

Feeling Cheated, 07 Jan 2016Phone bought in Dec'2014 by mid-year had issues- of not turning ... moreSame Problem Here , And Ii Took It In But They Did Not Fix It Because It Has A Little Scratch By The Charging Port

  • al

Quick Release , 11 Feb 2016Can 6037y updates work for 6037b only do update- with firmarwe update , don't experiment

  • Quick Release

Can 6037y updates work for 6037b

  • Feeling Cheated

Phone bought in Dec'2014 by mid-year had issues- of not turning on, keeps freezing and restarting it self. The internal was eventually replaced but towards year-end issue of not reading SIM arose. After lengthy wait, agent decided to replace phone with DL1000. Feeling cheated when the price of both are compared!

  • Anonymous

can the 6037y update work for 6037b?

  • Mix

I'm using my 6037y more than a year.And since december 2014,I've been roasting it with WOT Blitz every day.It heats up a littlebit during play but nothing significant.I keep it in some rubber protection. At start, I had problems with proximity sensor.When I placed it on plastic desk or syntetic peace of furniture it got buggy,also the camera got laggy. But once I update it with some factory update suggested, it just dissapeared. No problem at all. Works flawlessly just do some maintanance from time to time with some cleaner for owerall performance and it will do the work.

  • Anonymous

Fluffy, 08 Aug 2015I have had this phone for about 6 months now and a few days ago ... moreI have the same problem, and i don't know how to fix it.

  • Anonymous

littlenoob01, 05 Nov 2015hi, this is my first alcatel and i bought it used, the phone was... moreFlash new software go to Alcatel and download upgrade app on PC

  • Anonymous

i need software of kitkat 6037k

  • Bazzz

This phone doesnt go to Lolipop right only kitkat ?

  • IGOR

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2015i dont have kitkat kitkat

  • littlenoob01

hi, this is my first alcatel and i bought it used, the phone was just great all was working perfectly, untill i delete a weird app that looks like a chinese appstore then some of my app stops working and i couldnt download anything from the appstore, so i factory reset the phone,but now is not allowing me to register any gmail account neither create a new one, i have tried everithing but keeps showing unable to conet to a wifi network.but i do can use wifi on it lease may someone tell me how to fixit..

  • IGOR

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2015i dont have kitkatHere is Your Kitkat for idol2­h/alcatel+idol+6037y.rar

  • Deco

I've got the 6037y version of the Idol 2,but I don't know why it still doesn't have the update for kitkat android version.can somebody help me???

  • Adam

Hi.I had this phone for about a year now, and had no problems with it. My battery could last up to 2 days with average use. This was the case until 4 days ago, when it reduced to 1day 12hours. And yesterday evening when i took it off the charger it was 100% charged, but when i woke up at 6 o'clock in the morning it went down to 61% and went to 5% in coupke of hours by doing nothing on it. Can sb please tell me if it is my charger which gone bad suddenly, or my phone itself? Thanks!

  • Anonymous

i dont have kitkat

  • AnonD-445720

I have dual sim, and my Brightness and Time out don't work. I can't use that options, please helppp!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2015Upgrade to kitkat 4.4.2 should be available through phone update... moreDo i have any other updates ? After it

  • Covas


I got dual-sim version. Very bad phone. SIM constantly block, MIC also. Screen stuck form time to time.

  • Frenk

I have 6037k dual sim version Maybee the update is only available for this version. . I wrote before that it heats up often, but now I take that back. It is a good phone, battery is quite good. Overall thumps up.