alcatel Idol 3 (4.7)

alcatel Idol 3 (4.7)

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  • Distulantic - Mwakio
  • rrY
  • 26 Apr 2021

The words that describe this phone is...."Best Phone Ever"
It's size and feel in the hand is just amazing...Its audio quality is unmatched. Bought mine way back in 2015...accidentally broke the screen in 2017 while on holiday trip. Dumped it in my electronics junk... 2021 I just bumped into it, felt it and compared it to my bulky Nokia. Am taking my Alcatel idol 3 4.7" for screen repair.

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    • Basta
    • snP
    • 28 Feb 2020

    I still have it in 2020 and I have to change it now only because of the weak battery - it is impossible to find one to be replaced. Looking for other phone to be similar size since this one is perfect for carrying in you pocket.

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      • Gregsal
      • YbT
      • 09 Sep 2018

      We have 3 of these in the family, our first smartphones and people with $800.00 Samsungs are amazed at what these phones have for $130.00
      I was getting incredibly annoyed lately at the update that installed constantly nagging bloatware that CANNOT be removed without rooting, so I took the plunge and just rooted my first android. wiped the bloat and am installing a 128GB SD card. that'll give it some new life!

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        • Anonymous
        • fut
        • 23 Aug 2018

        three years down the line i still love this phone. but where is the improvement to outlive this one?

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          • Scott
          • jIP
          • 04 Jul 2018

          Id just like to post here that this phone is still one of the best on the market for those who like normal sized phones (iphone esque) on the android side. Recently alcatel has been doing some odd software updates with launchers/boosters/lock screens etc. At first they seem like adware but its just them (poorly) trying to enhance the user experience with software tweaks. These can all be disabled, some are trickier than others to find in the settings. But mainly i just wanted to post saying that if your tap to wake stops working, disable the android lock screen and use alcatels, i havent had any issue with it that way. Its annoying that you would need to do this yes, but it at least gets that functionality working again. I still cannot find a real upgrade to this phone with loud speakers and a small footprint, everything these days is 5+ inches and none match the speakers this has.

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            • Salah
            • LC8
            • 29 Jun 2018

            Carmanen , 20 Mar 2017If you are talking about the unofficial 6.0.1 for 6039y var... moreThen who does? Nokia?

            BTW, Alcatel is not French, they're owned by TLC Electronics. They also own Blackberry now. They are a monster.

            And yes, this is one of the best phones I've ever owned. Throughout time I've owned many phones from such brands like IPhone, Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, Huawei, even not so trusted Asians like Blu, Blackview, Vivo, and lastly This one Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3. Let me tell you. 3 years since then and the phone has been working without big inconvenient since then, obviously is not the smoothest phone ever but does the job pretty well, the pair of headsets that Alcatel included are just insane (The sound, the way the fit into your ear, the noise cancellation effect), it gives you a so pleasing premium sensation that you just can't complain. Also, no phone has survived so many drops from my hand ever.

            I give this phone an 8.5 out of 10 at Best Value for Money.

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              • IN FLA
              • jIa
              • 17 Jun 2018

              MM, 04 Jun 2018Best phone I ever had.I agree.

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                • MM
                • T3m
                • 04 Jun 2018

                Best phone I ever had.

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                  • damn
                  • 0x}
                  • 03 May 2018

                  Carmanen , 20 Mar 2017If you are talking about the unofficial 6.0.1 for 6039y var... moreAlcatel is french company

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                    • kamol
                    • fkc
                    • 31 Jan 2018

                    i have idol 3 form 2 years it' awesome phone, no problem, i love this phone

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                      • AnonD-607239
                      • Ixa
                      • 24 Jan 2018

                      Agree, excellent phone. Had an unlocked T Mobile model, switched to AT&T for better coverage but would only run on 3G. AT&T said it was because it wasn't one of their phones, no LTE.

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                        • AnonD-730041
                        • Jx8
                        • 16 Jan 2018

                        Can I format the microSD as internal memory on android 6 marshmallow? Thank you!

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                          • ashil
                          • a4}
                          • 09 Nov 2017

                          excellent phone.good sound quality

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                            • do a hard reset
                            • j@s
                            • 07 Sep 2017

                            kajt, 08 Jun 2017Hi everybody, can anybody tell me, how can i put back (d... moredo a search for your maual online or maybe this will work
                            o   Power the device off
                            o   Press the Power key briefly to boot the device
                            o   Immediately press and hold the Volume Down key
                            o   When an exclamation point (!) appears on the screen, release Volume Down
                            o   Press the following keys in this order:
                            §  Volume Up
                            §  Volume Down
                            §  Power Key
                            §  Volume Down
                            o   The device will then initiate the full reset process

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                              • AnonD-682782
                              • 4DL
                              • 07 Jul 2017

                              Anyone know how I can stop random rejection of sd card? Phone system randomly unmounts sd card without notice. Sends completion message saying can now remove sd card.

                                • k
                                • kobby
                                • fsT
                                • 06 Jul 2017

                                My phone can't detect my SD card....need help please!

                                  • k
                                  • kajt
                                  • 35p
                                  • 08 Jun 2017

                                  Hi everybody,

                                  can anybody tell me, how can i put back (downgrade) the elder android 5.0?

                                  my wifi isn't work fine with 6.0.1, and when i make a phone call i can't hear nothing.
                                  the earspeaker is working fine with another 6039y with 5.0

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • m4}
                                    • 21 May 2017

                                    Randomly shuts off restarts, battery has swollen

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                                      • Carmanen
                                      • 35s
                                      • 02 Apr 2017

                                      Schteff, 24 Mar 2017Hey guys, should I update my OS from xda or not? What bring... moreI would rather wait for the official MM update (if it ever comes to 6039y). I'm still on LP 5.0.2 but i messaged Alcatel a week ago about the MM update for 6039y variant and they said currently it's not available but the rollout has not finished yet (still not finished after about 9 months!?!). I remember rollout started last year's summer for US users so how long does it take for MM update to reach every variant out there :O I'm kind of starting to lose hope but you never know when MM update might hit my variant too.

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                                        • Schteff
                                        • JKN
                                        • 24 Mar 2017

                                        Hey guys, should I update my OS from xda or not? What brings that update?