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alcatel OT 756

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  • AnonD-275158

I'm going to buy it , and I look forward to what I found on sale , I'm sick of these androids , skis are like .

  • AnonD-487729

j, 01 Aug 2014can you please upload somewhere the "message.amr"... moreI made the file myself for my grandmother using a makeshift soundbox and my very good quality microphone, because like you i couldn't find it anywhere . I don't know if you still want it but if you do i can link the file to you via mail , i just need your email adress ( if you don't trust me cause of viruses i get it but i have no solution for that )

  • pop

i buy brand new ot 756 for 15 euros,and im happy like i buy s6 galaxy

  • j

angel, 21 Jul 2014how to get the sending message vibrationcan you please upload somewhere the "message.amr" file?
it's the one where robot says "You've got a message!"
miss it terribly =)

  • angel

how to get the sending message vibration

  • gogirl

I love this phone ....don't want to replace it ,,but at the moment I can hear them but they cant hear me....please help,,,,also I have photos / video how do I download

  • asad ali

i am using my alcatel till last 4 to 5 month ago it a 1000 of time very very good phone

  • ShityPhoneLiker

Best phone i ever had. Better than Galaxy´s and Iphone.

  • Siddu

I am useing this mobile from 2006. Just like No probalam bike. But i lost it'7 battery. No one is seleing new battery.

  • Anonymous

I have this phone since 2003: it works good, no problem. Battery very good, 7 days in standby!

  • Maverick

I've got a problem with my OT 756 :(. One thay with no reason it turned off and then when I want to turn it on the keys and the display just flash for a second showing me the logo of Alcatel and turns off again. I like the handset very much and want to use it longer in time. Does anyone know how to fix it and to solve that big problem? Many thanks in advance:)

  • Anonymous

I have OT 756 since 2004 - it works for more than 6 years already without any issue.

  • hello

I liked the phone, but in a pretty short time it stopped working.. it somehow developed a micro-crack in its battery, I have no idea how. The warranty couldn't repair it. It is a fragile phone, be warned.

  • Kristjan

Ketz, 15 Dec 2008I have Alcatel OT 756 since 2004(4 years) and works fine.Me too.

  • Ketz

I have Alcatel OT 756 since 2004(4 years) and works fine.

  • annetjie snyman

magdy ahmed, 18 Oct 2007could not get GPRS setting option ...I'm from egypt..In my ... moreHi i am from South Africa and have the same problem as u and i hope there is somebody who can help us to solve this problem


my alcatel ot756 phone just stopped working and could not booth fullly again and therefore could not load,or open. please what do i do.thanks


  • magdy ahmed

could not get GPRS setting option ...I'm from egypt..In my sim card I have gprs&mms&wap option ...OT756 is not supporting that option ...kindly send the details..thanks*regards

  • webdude

to p.brijmohan - about the lack communication via gprs internet

you need to install the modem driver from alcatel (the one windows warns about) to make it work. the warning comes from windows because alcatel didn't want to pay microsoft to test it and that procedure also takes time.

I'm suing a lot of unsigned drivers on windows xp (from the alcatel phones to some adapter card with a ltp port for my printer) - don't have problems with the drivers.

and I guess it's also easier to use the alcaltel configuration software to setup and connect to some internet

  • p.brijmohan

i've tried connecting to gprs on my ot756 with my pc via irda to no avail.alcatel ot756 irda modem is not tested by microsoft & is a risk installing on your pc.i've installed modem via irda & it confirms installed but troubleshooter on my pc displays modem not configured properly.i've tried installing modem differently but no good.otherwise ot756 is tough & i've dropped it on uncountable occasions but it didn't sustain any damage.the memory is insufficient,alcatel should have accomodated for memory card slot or a larger memory.other than that it's an excellent phone.