alcatel OT 756

alcatel OT 756

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  • Zac

Are This is My Phone at the moment. I really do not like it. Its an ok phone but not that good

  • uchax

i'm from indonesia. i have any problem at my phone alcatel 756. i can,t setting GPRS/WAP in the phone setting... my SIM card has activate to GPRS support. but my OT 756 is not available. why that problem...

  • victor

I want repair mms

  • rkkumar

I could not get GPRS setting option ...I'm from India..In my sim card I have gprs&mms&wap option ...OT756 is not supporting that option ...kindly send the details..thanks*regards

  • chris

john.... it took you 12 months to claim the warranty, i find it hard to believe that in 12 months you could find time to get it the service centre... a little silly on your part, not the fault of Alcatel

  • Anonymous

i bought the phone about a year ago its been fine it seems realy good like it sais it has vidio and mp3 but the vidio only records for 30 seconds and you can olnly download that much aswell its the same with mp3s aswell

  • mohi

Hi Friends,
I am using Ot 756 but can not use "Opera mini" while trying to install it gives a message " unable to access opera mini". Any one using Opera mini with this phone???? If any one please i need your help... Please....

  • John

This phone is pretty good unless you get SMS messages. The customer service at Alcatel in Melbourne is an absolute joke. They admitted that the phone was defective when launched and that new software would fix the problem. 12 months warranty and guess what? Phone out of warranty. Still they said if I sent it to them they would fix the problem ... $45 + postage and return, about $9. So for $54 I could get them to fix my message sound, trouble if I bought a second one at the time for my wife so to get both the phones fixed, $108.00. Stick it Alcatel.

  • Steve

Ive had this phone for over a year now and its been pretty good to me.
Yes it deletes contacts all by itself.....isn't it clever.
It freezes sometimes, the memory is to small and ive deleted everything i can off it and have no Mp3's or downloaded ring tones just pics and small videos and its full.
I think if it had 20meg then a song or two and some video longer then 30 seconds wouldve made this phone a lot better.
Best thing of all it bounces!!
Ive dropped it atleast 50 times and work in a dusty workshop and it loves it, so give em hell. Cheers Steve

  • Kurov_DK

my brother has one Alcatel OT 756 here in portugal and the operator is TMN good thing about TMN is that they allways have the phones updated! So my brother's phone is working like a swiss watch! No problems with the contacts and sms rings! the only problem in that phone is that he doesn't accept sound with more than 30s even if they are smal like 100KB he doen't accept them! I am using an Motorola E1000 great phone when updated i recomend it for it's sound, 2 cameras, Stereo sound with two speakers and the video playback on that supreme LCD! the only problem on E1000 is the battery lenght, about 3 days, and 1 day and a half if you use it a lot for multimedia. Both phones are problematic it is true but with the right firmware updates they work like swiss watches lol! Keep it real people!

  • will

i bought this phone at xmas 2004 in spain on a contract. i have recently replaced it for a motorola rokr. the alcatel has a good screen, good camera but a rubbish operatin system and a hopeless amount of memory, even though it plays mp3. also, the phone is indestructible. i dont use it much now but it can withstand almost anything: i can do kick ups with it and its fine

  • Mladen

I can not connect my ot 756 with my PC using Irda device gembird, help me how can I do this pls?

  • tommy

i fall in love with alcatel phone..i like its sound syle,n all its feature.n all i like abt this phone is d phonebook manager..where d caller picture@vid will display.but d most weakness of dis phone is its memory.jz 4 mb?? many vid n mp3 can i save..n i suprise coz when i buy this phone,d battery life 2 9 hours..but when i used it..jz 1 day it can life wit usual using..;p..sad2..n its not compatible wit most java games n pc sofware..anyone know where i can get sotware 4 this phone pls email me...muahx!!

  • baze

help i cant conect my phone with irda with my pc i cant find driver its tipe gamebird uir-22

  • Anonymous

When I purchased an OT 756 back in August 2004, I thought I would dispense with my old style paper phonebook I had to use with my Siemens S25. But I later found I had to keep it, because the Ot 756 keeps on deleting contacts on its own! Reading other posts I realized this problem is not unique to me. Furthermore, I need to save more than 600 contacts and lacking a reliable search function in the software is true back off.

  • Aleksandar Strizlosk

Hello everybody!

I am writing this text to help anyone who wants to buy this phone. It has some good but some bad things too. This phone has very attractive options and it is very practical. It has Camera VGA with video which is the most interestin option for mobile phone like this. It's pictures are very good when they are sent to a PC, and this phone synchronized with PC is a real BOMB. Is has no disadvantages except the sound and the memory. I think that the memory is very poor with 4MB. You cannot put whole MP3 song in it. The worst thing is the MIDI playback. It is very poor because of the 32 channels polyphonic ringtones. I think if you want a good sound quality it is bettter to buy the Alcatel OT556. But OT 556 has no MP3. If you have answers on this question:
How to put the whole song in WAVE format in Alcatel 556?
Email me at:

  • Indigo

This phone is so funky i like the look of it.....If only it had good features like my Samsung E720...IF ONLY

  • yanto

there is no f/w for old 756. f/w updated in new 756. better you get 757, its new f/w of 756.

  • david

could someone please tell me where to get firmware update for alcatel 756 as the message ring tone is too low. thanks

  • ilmars

What is alcatel`s ot 756 menu 2 access password???