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alcatel OT 756

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  • Marco

where can I download upgraded firmware for Alcatel 756? Thanks

  • Ben

i have now had this phone for about 1 year... its not dead. will not turn on if pluged in charger it makes a bzzzzzz sound. nokia 6230i is my current phone and its the best!

  • dave

i have read the reviews on these pages, and decided despite the not so good ones that i would get the phone. it is a very good phone, i would recommend it to anyone. its fairly cheap, but still has a lot of features. mine did not have the problem with the low sms vibrate (though i did buy one that had been previously returned - i don't know why, there's nothing wrong with it). i particularly like the tone recorder - saves forking out $5 everytime i want a new ringtone! overall - 8.5/10


it is good

  • Led

If you get music match jukebox and convert your mp3's to 8k of sound they can be sent to your phone and played Any mp3 bigger than 150k wont be sent. so any music file you can compress in Mp3 to under 150k will fit on the phone. I use infrared it may be diff for USB.

I got 9 full length songs on mine.

press the camera or call button to keep the phone from going back to the menu during music playback.

Also I noticed that when the battery gets to no bars left the phones volume level is automatically decreased. I have never used and never will use vibrate its a useless feature imo.

Hope this info helps

  • li tan

Dear Nicholas;

it's only 4MB shared memory, hence u cannot download a full song or video. use the alcatel software, truncate ur music (eg: max 20 sec for MP3) & download via WAP or IR.

abt. the camera issue, see the service center.


  • Nicholas

I've just bought this phone last week Friday on Sept. I'm facing problem like sometimes the Camera key that i Press doesn't seem to work until I've too restart my phone again(on-off). And another thing i can't record more or store a full song such as mp3 and Video too. Is there any opinion.

  • Li Tan

To all OT756 users and potential users:

I've used the phone for 1 yr already. Here are my comments:

1. If you experienced low SMS ringtone, get the firmware upgraded

2. There is NO vibrate and ring for incoming SMS - a bad point

3. Text SMS is not as user friendly as NOKIA - a bad point

4. Good camera & video & great LCD 262k screen

5. Have not experience where contacts have been deleted. BUT! In the contact folder, there is GENERAL, PROFESSIONAL, PERSONAL etc...where u categories ur contacts. The GENERAL folder will have all contacts of PROFESSIONAL, PERSONAL etc. Deleting a contact from any folder, will delete that contact wherever it's found in any folders, except for SIM card. Hope this is clear.

6. Only 4MB shared memory - which is okay for normal phone usage

7. Phone sometimes resets itself when scrolling thru the sound folders.

8. I would give 6.5/10 for its class.


  • asd

i have one and i think that this is a booooring phone

  • Leo

boought the phone anyway (was the only decent business phone avialable in Adelaide)

Try disabling the beep on keypress to fix the low ringtones. worked for me.great phone Only problem being video settings arent saved. very quick through the menus though. the big silver thing at the back is a mirror for self portraits.

also should be an option to automaticaly save videos. Although there may be an option to do that.

1 thing ive struggled to figure out though is how to lock the phone in manual locking mode.

  • Henk-Jan

To make the javaloader work edit registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Alcatel\One Touch PC Suite 3\Content Manager
Set version to 3.34

  • leo

Hey what are all the problems with this phone im considering buying it however its a bit scary when i hear it deletes phone numbers or doesnt save them to begin with. does it delete them when the memory's full or delete them when the memory isnt even close to full.

Im not to keen on running down the shops every month to get a update on the phone's software/firmware.

  • amanda

hiya people i was wondering if someone can help me, is it possible to record your own mp3 onto your phone plzzzz let me know thanxxx

  • Hossam Al-Wakeal

This MObile is the badest mobile all over the worled because beside all the problems which faced the custmers i faced an other great problem and nobody could solve it,,, The problem is the phone is deleting the contacts numbers and names by itself and to record a contact number you must switch it off and then on to keep it but usually it become deleted so you must enter it again and do the same operation so can you imagine that i lost about 150 contact numbers in one night without any prewarrning and i sent to Alcatel head office and what they did only sent me to their agent in Egypt and i changed the mobile itself four times befor and realy it was wanderful because every time i change it comes with a new defects but the most commen defect always is deleting the contacts and no one knows how to repair it so i do not advice any body to deal with Alcatel becaue according to my presufring with them they does not support their products ........
Best wishes for the mobile phones users without Alcatel

  • Bruce

To Zave, I don't consider that missing your messages is a little problem. If you don't care when you look at the message then I guess to you, it is one little problem. However to me I need to know immediately when I get a message. The reason I will not purchase this brand of phone again is because the manufacturer is leaving this problem for the consumer to solve rather than correcting the problem before they distribute it. Maybe in other countries they have solved that but in Australia they admitted they are releasing this phone even though they know it is defective and they have possession of the upgrade software. That in my opinion stinks.

I do agree with you that it is a great phone for its features but as long as they expect me to solve a problem that they know they are passing on to me then I am not interested. I want a reliable phone that works now! It is a shame because I did really like the phone.

I suggest to potential customers to be wary of this defect. Try putting in your sim card to the phone before you buy it. Send yourself a text message. Check if it is as loud as the sample tone within settings. Decide if you are happy with this volume. Then decide it you still like the phone. At least this way you can buy a phone without having to deal with a warranty claim as soon as you buy it. Hope this helps.

  • zave

Its the best phone !!! one litle problems is nothing. I buy phones only from operators like TIM or Globul and they have the latest version and no problems !!!

  • Bruce

This phone is defective before it is even distributed and Alcatel have admitted this to me. There is a defect in the volume of the ring tones for messages. In the ring tone set up, the volume is quite loud however when you actually get a message you probably wonít even notice it unless it is in your hand. Donít bother setting it to vibrate. You wonít notice that either. Nor will it ring and vibrate in messages. Try sitting the phone on your leg and set off the vibrator. Neither my wife nor I could notice the vibration at all. However if you set the phone on its edge you can feel the vibration. Question, Who puts their phone on their pockets on there edge? Answer, Alcatel owners because you canít feel the vibration if the phone is on its face against your leg and you sure as hell canít hear the ring tones for a message.

I asked the Alcatel customer service people how to correct the inaudible ring tones for the messages and they replied this is a defect with the software and there is a software package available if the phone is still within warranty. I asked if I could swap the phone with an updated version in another shop that might have the updated models delivered, as my phone was only 1 week old. The Alcatel rep replied that no phones are distributed with the new software installed, Customers must send back their phones to have the new software installed. My problem with this is Alcatel are knowingly distributing defective phones and putting the onus back on their customers to have their brand new phones repaired.

Very poor performance Alcatel! It is a shame because I really wanted to keep the phone. I did get my money back and will not consider Alcatel products again.

  • Ellis

far better than any nokia

  • Rei

i reacently got an OT557 i wanted a 556 but i could not find one and im haapy with this phone many kool features and i love the screen even my sister who paid way more for hers liked mine and thought it was kooler than hers LOL NO ONE CAN HAVE MY OT!!!

  • stanley ohajianya

i like Alcatel OT 756,because of the big screem and the shape and also the price.i find that most of all this costly set ,they dont have strong serivce.but all sheap sets connect serice i like Alcatel OT 756.i want to buy it but,there no money.