alcatel OT 756

alcatel OT 756

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  • Tiger

Hi everybody, i have 756 mobile & i have some problems & i wish if any body can help me with it,1st my mobile software was expired & the mobile closed for a time , i went to Alcatel service center they told me that a water get inside it & that was the reason, & i don't think it was a water problem when i use the compose record after that the sound become very bad i don't know why also if there's a new software could any body tell me where i can find on the net & ringtones for the mobile,

  • Anonymous

Alcatel is the Best brand !!! Nokia is selfish and expensive for nothing!

  • Mojsije

I prefere Nokia but I think this phone is Great !

  • Mag_04

my 756 has low sms ringtone but latest versions don't have this problem. It can also be flashed with a later software which resolved this problem, though this can be done if there is an Alcatel service centre or equivalent. Also check if phone vibrates and rings for sms because mine doesn't.
Hope this helps

  • Anonymous

does anyone who have this fone have a low ringing tone for sms?bcoz i wana buy it today but i've seen reviews here wit low sms tone. Thanks to u who answers

  • Mag_04

no the phone has only one camera. That round thing on the back is not a camera.

  • jade

does this phone have 2 cameras because i dont know whats that circle at the back of it??

  • phillip

what is that big thing at the back of this phone? Does this phone have 2 cameras? pls answer some1 bcoz i wana buy dis fone for my bdday.

  • dider

YEs and its successor S853 has got it all - card slot and bluetooth and mo more other high tech extras, especialyy the Dual surround !!!

  • Moneim emad

Excellent phone but it need the ability to attach a memory card and a bluetooth connection

  • ALX

Hi! I've already check and, um... my Pc Suite version is 3 but the JAVALoader won't install, something about not being compatible with de content manager! I need help please!

  • Andy

the usb place is under the battary cover if its the same as the 735 it doesnt look like a regular usb plug socket or anything like that ya need the correct plug

  • Anonymous

i just bought one and i am very proud of him. very cool phone and at this price very very one it's nice

  • shangrilah

the USB port would be on the bottom you un1337 foo.

  • AIhhhGur|

can any 1 tell me whether tis phone has a USB port? i read in the features column there is 1 but i dun noe where d port is.. any1 out there willing 2 tell me? thanx..

  • Anonymous

Very Good Choice!!!

  • Anonymous

I'm Alcatel OT756 user,i using this phone nine mouth already.This phone function easy to use, u can use MMS send picture or melody to your friend.u can also use infared send or reseive picture and melody.

  • Mag_04

Hi, from reviews I read it seems that the only difference between 756 & 757 is the design. Don't often use mms, but when I did my friend received it ok, she has a SE k500. Hope this helps.

  • Anonymous

can this phone send MMS to other phone like noia,motorola,sagem,Panasonic,SE???

  • lovel

my gosh......can someone pls really help me??which should i choose??? ot 756 or ot757??? which function better????does two of this really got GPRS???wat's the different actually?