alcatel OT 756

alcatel OT 756

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  • Anonymous

alcatel ot756 better than se t630.

  • Anonymous

motorola e398 > Alcatel 756 > sony t630

  • sid

do we get this phone in india ?????
are there any other models available
like OT 757 or OT 835

  • wilson

my friend told me that the phone has really clear screen but i still can't decide on the ot 756.....motorola e398.......or the sony ericsson t630 so tell me please which one

and also the phone was 200dollars at dse

  • Anonymous

the best phone !!!
cheap, exelent desigh, many features !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • William

Oh my god! I thought that "Alcatel" was for gays!!Its the first phone that has about 250 000 colours!Do you beleive that??and when you look at the OT 756 webpage you see amazing vidoes!What graphics!But it has only 4 MB so you can only make about 4 mins of video..thats bad.But i like the menu and all the new features.I think that Alcatel`s brand is now more respected than before cuz i dont think that nobody expected that "Alcatel"would be the first one to make a 250 000 color screen..I wanted to know what to buy the "Nokia 3220" or "OT 756"..I mean what are the NOKIA guys thinkin??3220 costs a lot more than that Alcatel and that nokia has only a few features + the camera quality is really bad...The only problem with 756 is that i think that the video quality is lagging...what do you think?Its only 2290.- in our country which makes 152 EURO...AMAZING!!!ALCATEL OWNS!!!

  • Gustav

And how many videos can you record with that mobile?how many minutes

  • Gustav

Hey.I think I want to buy that phone.But when I use the camera, how long does the phone work because i think the camera takes a lot of battery.?!

  • Jacek

>Email2005-03-03 04:59 PAJJ
OT 756 is better than OT 757.<

Hi, why ?, where are the differences ?

  • Septió

Atm, i have something like 200 messages in the phone, and you can hold a lot more, but you can't let them in the sim card.

  • Suri


How many messages can this phone hold??

  • CH.PAP

Good morning.I have the OT756.The only problem is that i cannot send anything from the phone to PC using the ma620 infrared and windows98se.To other phones i can send and receive anything.From PC to the OT756 i can send anything.Any help?It is a great phone.

  • Boris

listen i come from very poor contry with very poor people but this mobile is the best and one from the vheapest. i want to know why there aren't any other things about this phone

  • mizzle

yeah da phones all good an ting but were is da price of da pnone if i wnted to buy it how would i buy it i cant see da price any were

  • jamil....

This hp is very-very good for me,,,nice design,,
colour is good..256k...i think alcatel model have one
good new..the bateri can using until 4 need to
rechanger back.,,,is good

  • lazar

it s very fine and funny . so there is somme people hoo think that the "marque" who decide about quality but it's very big error

  • Anonymous

For a better picture and colour screen i think OT 835 is the answer. OT 756 is better than OT 757.

  • chochko23

The phine is very good-I also thought that Alcatel makes shitty phones but when I saw this one and checked all the features compared to its price i bought it right away,It has 30 sec video and my brother has k700 and mine makes ten times better pictures than his which is twice as expensive.So good job Alcatel-just put more memory next time-20 mb will be ok for now

  • bob

bennett rocks. Good phone lots of features

  • Anonymous

Ot 756 already in malaysia since last year. Now you can buy with price RM790.