alcatel OT-918D

alcatel OT-918D

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  • AnonD-57446

Which is better:
this one
The LG Optimus One P500?

  • Anonymous

noob, 22 Apr 2012Query: While online on the web via its browser or through tethe... moreNo

  • Render

M dialog box is crazy, my sent messages are all below and my receive messages are all on above and I have to scroll up just to read it. does it supposed to be alternating just like iphone dialog? How can I fix it. Need help!

  • alcateluser

Chanaka, 23 May 2012I have a problems with this phone. When it is using my hands are... more Go to settings and open accessibility then turn on the hearing aid. Maybe that would help.

  • alcateluser

Anonymous, 21 May 2012I recently got the 918n and its ok, but when im talking with som... moreIts not that bad. I encountered the same situation twice. Maybe when you check if the phone if its charging, you pressed the home screen button so it would really stop charging.

  • King

How to kill tasks, where will I go? And how to put the applications in the memory card? I'm just curious... hmmm

  • sikobies

can it perform skype VIDEO calling?
plz need answer

  • MXS

SIM-lock free phone under 100,-. Quality and specs are comparable with Samsung Gio/Ace which are much more expensive

  • AnonD-56069

eyak_migo24, 24 Apr 2012Hi guys. i am new in using this phone and i noticed that when i ... moreAndroid does not support csv contacts. You need to convert the file to vcard or import your csv contacts to gmail, facebook et al and sync from there.

  • simply_jennie

love the phone! very good buy ☺

  • cj glory

yo, 14 May 2012 suppose you want to make a call from the phone book. how do y... moretap the name of the name you want to call, then you'll see the call sign and tap it also after that it give a pop up message that give you to choose iif what sim you want to use

  • Chanaka

I have a problems with this phone. When it is using my hands are scratching. Other problem is painful to the ears. Its a headache using this phone for me. What is the reason for this. Is there any radiation problem with this phone? Pls reply.......

  • Anonymous

I really love this phone, and it would really help if it's upgraded to 4.0.... hope the people in alcatel would reconsider.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2012Nice Phone! Simple and functional.I want one.Hope it will be poc... moreI recently got the 918n and its ok, but when im talking with someone and i plug it in to charge it would start charging but would stop charging after sometime and eventually would die, does the phone prevent itself from charging if you are using it? Or is my unit just defective?

  • Anonymous

aesc2486, 06 May 2012Phone is great with resolution, music and internet. But i just ... moreIf you mean upgrade to 4.0 , then i'm sad to say this but its a bit far fetched. And the flash support is i think not available. (not an expert but i kinda know a lot of stuff.)

  • mich

just bought this fone very impressed as it is my first touch fone, compared to my friends one's it is a step up as i watch my friends trying to txt on their insainly small touch fones this is a breeze in comparison i definatley recommend it.

  • deepbass

for those people who have this phone, can you guys please advise us the pro's and con's of this phone? I've heard that this phone can't easily access GPS without going outside a building..

  • deepbass

is there any possiblity that the OS of this phone will be upgraded to ICS? hope that the people from Alcatel would consider the upgrade for their phones that have the gingerbread version of the OS..

  • radioactive

Phone is ok, quite good value for what it costs. There are 3 problems though:

1. Screen is quite small for browsing and typing is tricky.

2. Very small memory.

3. This is the worst: Visibility in sunny conditions is absolutely terrible!

Mt advice: Don't buy. I wish I didn't.

  • ick

AnonD-54785, 14 May 2012 if you make a call on sim 1,and you receive a call on sim 2, (... moreto tdriver:

if you make a call on sim 1,and you receive a call on sim 2, (or the other way around)

does it give a busy tone or "unreachable message" ?

It gives you "unreachable message".