alcatel OT-S853

alcatel OT-S853

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  • Anonymous

Perfect pictures of S853
You will fall in love like me !!! the link:­ARI=109550&CAI=2098

  • Anonymous

it seems that many people cant accept this phone,but im interested to me ^^
imagine listening to radio OR songs with its 2 tweeters + 1 bass
oh yeah!!

  • sOmeone

so the price will be about 300USD..

  • ozzy

anybody know when this phone will hit the market?I understood wil be august...

  • Jien

Well, i get some info from local nespaper about Cebit fair that it's gonna cost around RM1299 or so. U can consider it being really cheap considering it has a 1.3MP cam embedded, memory card slot, MP3/AAC player, it can even support .wav file.And most importantly, the bluetooth... Design wise, it's so rocking...

  • aldo

its a great phone with lots of impressive features. the only downside is a low internal memory. but nevertheless, it leads the pack! when can it be released in the philippines?

  • bluetooth

Hooray!its looks like alcatel now more improve!!!!

  • sOmeNone

im not sure about the price... some opinion said that the estimate price about 300USD. Thats very cheap compare the features of this GREAT phone....

  • Anonymous

S853 is having all !!! even more than k750 - EDGE and Dual surround !!!!!

  • Anonymous

are yoy crazy ???

  • gharsh

it has a smaller display then nokia 6230i

  • zz

How about vibrate and sound? i used OT EASY db (till now), OT 332 and OT 735. 332 and 735 the sound not loud and always not feel. I hope this one better than NOKIA.

  • Anonymous

oh GOD
It has everything!!!!!!!!!
Really compete with k750 and i think s853 beat it cause of stereo surround and EDGE !!!!

  • Vikrant

Alcatel Products are excellent but still no up to mark to compete with other brands in the market. I am an x user of Alcatel Mobiles but due to service and availability issues i have stoped using it other wise there is no competition for Alcatel. One more thing is that while designing try to give more functions in one for customer convineance. Alcatel focus on Indian market is very less or equal to nil.

  • Anonymous

not so good design , SE-K750 is better

  • Apple ipod mini

This phone is awesome, i will buy it when it comes out, this phone has built in itunes and the same software of the ipod and i pod mini, Best MP3 player in the world

  • corleone

Best phone from alcatel, the first of all which use ergonomic one touch keypad for right handed person. But how about left handed use this phone? I think little bit difficult for thumb press the button, bcoz the one touch button is too much to the left.
But over all, its a rock!

  • Jared mckenzie

Hi my names jared mckenzie and i love this phone, i want to stalk it and take photos of i

  • Alex chaud

This phone is awesome, im going to buy it when it comes out, and why did someone say below that they want to marry this phone???, i find that so disturbing, Anyways Gsmarena can you review this phone please

  • fone dude

i like this phone too, but please stop abusing the GSMArena board.
you'll notice the random code from your computer identifies those with multiple posts from one machine, even if you change your username.