alcatel OT-S853

alcatel OT-S853

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  • Alice

Alcatel is shown amazing features on there new phones, I will buy this one defently when it comes out!!!, alcatel you rock

  • Josh

Gsmarena, this fone can video record up to 10 minutes, also you have forgoten the other features

- Calendar
- Calculator
- Built-in handsfree
- USB port
- Pop-Port
- Voice memo
- Voice command

you should add these features since the phone has them

  • Anonymous

yes this phone can video record up to 10 minutes

  • Mohammed Al Nahyan

Finally an Alcatel that can compete with todays celluar market, only problem is that if it came out last summer with the Nokia 7610 it would have done well. all in all the OT-S853 is a great phone and a must have to people like me whom started out with OT-557s but it is one year late.

  • theOne

yes! of course!

  • ??

can this phone record video??

  • fir

at comes the bluetooth from alcatel...minisd card,fm radio etc..can't wait to get it...!!

  • galatea

I really really love all alcatel mobiles, I've got 4 alcatel at home, the oldest one is OT-easy and it is still working like the first day, now I'm using OT-525, it's perfect, but I would like to add new to my collection but there are no new models in CROATIA to buy, I wonder will they come here too? :( please please please!!!!

  • Anonymous

go to, it shows on the back of the phone that it has video and also has FM radio and MP3 player, because it clearly shows the buttons to play music on the phone and also states that this phone has space for a maxium of 250 songs on the phone, go to and it shows u all the spects and features of this phone

  • DaRen

Mp3, Fm-radio, Mini SD card, 1,3 Mp, foto & video, BT, 262 000 7 176*220, stereo sound, IR-port & etc.

Greatest phone!!!

  • teecy

I am a OT-756 user,and also Alcatel supporter. Since OT-S853 come with miniSD card slot,perhaps Alcatel can consider coming out with a model with MP3 Player,that will just perfect.I hope there is MP3 software to be download to OT-S853 in the future.

  • Anonymous

People ive read that this phone has radio and mp3 player aswel as video playback for 2 minutes!!!!, Alcatel THIS IS AWESOME, THIS IS WHAT IVE BEEN EXPECTING!!!

  • Alcatel OT-S853

cool design.. But NO multimedia options. NO video, NO MP3, NO FM Radio :-/

  • DexterBexter

Great! A want it! :)

  • SaveR

its just the perfect ;)
but we have to wait for the others hi end phones from alcatel at cebit

  • Anonymous

Finally a phone from alcatel with a good screen and bluetooth, nice design too!

  • german

Just fantastic !!!. This is THE phone we┬┤re all expecting !!!.

  • cviki

It is about time.

  • GilGa