alcatel OT-S853

alcatel OT-S853

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  • 756

it will be great phone.i got ot 756 and it will be my next phone.2.1,10 min video:-)im waiting this phone in estonia

  • Jamie

All the Features are not on this webiste for this phone!, gsmarena has missed other features, it has MPEG format aswell, hands-free, voice dial, voice memo, voice command, Video record of up to 10 minutes, auto focus on camera, Image viewer, Picture editor, Organiser and also syncML. Gsmarena should add these features to complete the phone on this website

  • Anonymous

I think alcatel has just surprised the other brands what it can do, just wait, alcatel will be soon up with the big brands, mite even get up to the top, alcatels technology isnt for children any more

  • soMeoNE

yes,, aac is better than mp3!!!

  • sOmEone

MP3, MPEG, 1.3 MP, radio,,,
best phone...
mobile-review said that the price will started at 300 USD....
I love alcatel

  • Anonymous

this phone can record videos, why doesnt gsmarena state that on this website?

  • RomanL

Does it realy have IM function?

  • The_Juanin

This product is impressive! Seems that you can use it in handsfree mode and it delivers a 2.1 Stereo surround sound. This product is the only one to propose that!!
I've heard that the product will be available this summer.
And yes, it plays MPEG and AAC files, even AAC+

  • Anonymous

what is AAC
is better than mp3 ?

  • sOmeoNe

can this phone play AAC and MPEG4?

  • Anonymous

Yes this phone will be avaible in france....alcatel is a french company

  • Anonymous

Radio phone + MP3 player prefect!!!!

  • skaraotzky

when will this be available in france ? cause i may be going there this summer ... and at what price ?

  • fir

will be launch in august 2005 but in malaysia, i donno..

  • Anonymous

I am a OT-756 user,and also Alcatel supporter.When it launch in MALAYSIA?

  • Anonymous

what is AAC
is better than mp3 ?

  • sOmEOne

cOOL phone,, but does tHis pHone pLay AAC???

  • Anonymous

does S853 can compete with k750 ?
in my opinion YES, only the k750 has better camera 2.0mpx vs 1.3 alcatel :)
and i think sagem x8 nad siemesn cx75 and others rivals can not stand even on S853 little finger :)

  • ZXcorr

Oh WOW!!!!!!
But too bad... Alcatel OS's UI isn't very good. I hope this one will have improvements...
And one more thing... miniSD are too expensive... :-(

  • nyeTRUM

Great! Finally Alcatel know what we want :)
And I hope launch in Indonesia
Just check this link (copy n paste)