alcatel OT-V770

alcatel OT-V770

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  • teodor

i have it since march 2008,and its workin just perfectly.there's 1 small/..../problem-when i turn my camera into night vision the image of the video gets really slow....anybody with the same problem?????

  • soona86

i wanna know if i could add a realplayer to the phone or i wanna play realplayer files like .rm and .ram
i know i can convert the files to mp3 then play it..but my question is : is there a way to play them directly ? :)

  • Don

guys, new Alcatel website is up,

  • joseph aldover

hi im from the phillipines.i was asking for the mms and gprs settings but the provider here which is smart cant send me the setting its not yet on their database.can you help me with this concern.

  • chel-ann

just wanted to ask if what is the expandable micro sd?
is it expandable to 4 gig?

  • dta

its a really nice phone and very affordable. im very satisfied and pleased with it :D

  • nhelvz

jaz wanna ask how to download themes to my phone ot-v770..

plz. reply to my e-mail


  • DeftMusician14

I just bought this phone, just today...

And it's throughly FANTASTIC!!!

No Regrets, it's a nice choice...

I saw this cp in megamall and i thought it's

expensive and i dont double mind when i ask the price

to the sales lady and she said.. it's Php 3990.00..


Where the heck ul find a cp which is soooooooooo

cheap and yet you'll get more features than those

branded cp..



My problem now is the parts...

where the heck here in Manila is the

service center for this Beautiful phone...

Well, as of this time i am happy and satisfied..

  • Anonymous

does this phone come with a stereo headset upon purchase? pls reply! i badly needed it.

  • Rolly

hellow i bought this phone and its nice..
but my problem is the battery because its fake..
that's my problem help me please...
im from Philippines

  • Don

The problem is...there don't have a lot of distributors of their phones in many countries. I am from Malaysia, and I can't find Alcatels (although they are selling the USB modems here)anymore. That;s why i was being forced to buy a Motorola to replace my old OT-C825

  • robert

iam from latin america, i bougth this phone and its very good, bat no themes and java games.-

  • Anonymous

i dont know why alcatel is moving and growing slowly although they made good profits on 2008 and they were one of the few companies that made profit during this period ... i want to buy their new phones i cant wait


awesome fone....i recommend this fone to all.....i bought one last regrets

  • tuffo man

deepak verma, 08 Apr 2009i`m gonna buy it todayi bought one yesterday. it's neat. i like the design.

  • Nelson

mohammed, 14 Apr 2009when are they gonna add the ot 767,ot 800 , ot707 on this site t... moreGSMARENA is no longer posting all alcatel phones not only during OT 707, 767 & OT 800. OT T710, T620, S680, S686 and still lots of models are not posted. Also when any of us post our comments here or answer questions here, most of the times we received prompt that our post will be posted once approved by the moderator. There have post too that were being deleted. All of these don't have any reason why. This post of mine might not even be posted.

  • mohammed

when are they gonna add the ot 767,ot 800 , ot707 on this site they are already published on the alcatel USA site they are cool chck them out

  • gpwarning

hi..i have a question ..
when i have insert the disc "pc suite" there is an option for download an application for personalize the display ..named STC ,but the link it doesen't can i pick this app ? please

  • deepak verma

i`m gonna buy it today

  • Nelson

jerico, 06 Apr 2009is this a good phone?it now costs PhP3999 and i'm wondering why ... moreBecause this this model is already replaced with the PLAYBOY version.