alcatel Pixi 3 (4.5)

alcatel Pixi 3 (4.5)

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  • Peed off. Com

I've had my alcatel phone a month and to be honest I've never known a phone play up as much it does anything it wants never what I want it to do soon it's gonna be the first mobile phone that travels in outer space cos I'm gonna boot it that hard up in the air. Want my galaxy back so much

  • AnonD-666629

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2017Had the phone for Eight months... woke up the next morning it d... moreTake it to The phone shop and ask them to do a systems update I had a Sony phone that did the same it worked fine after that

  • Sheb

I put a 32gb memory card in added apps and it's working perfectly no lagging whatsoever

  • Anonymous

Had the phone for Eight months...
woke up the next morning it doesn't display anything and I didn't sleep on it and it didn't even fall....

What should I do????

  • ben

It is like a cheap watch that's has digital and fake analogue hands. The fake hands representing the browsing or internet capabilities

  • nasihah

i think this phone is just for basic users like me. surf internet once in a while,not a hardcore gamer,music listener.i think the camera is okay, im not a fan of selfie but its actually oky if your wanting to capture memories,it does takes up time if you want to open an app ,patience is actually the key if you want to own this phone,do not download as much app because ur phone will get really laggy,i just dowloaded wassap on my phone,no songs or anything,do not put high expectation considering its a budget ranged phone

  • Galaxy S7 User

gggrrrr, 21 Sep 2016i like the phone thats it, only the look, my desktop apps have c... moreYou should have bought a Galaxy S7!!!

  • Awsome

Don't have any pro with my pixi runs fast like any smart samsung fone, take awsome pictures also in low light even if the flash is off, and my battery last long it doesnt freez also i can make fast calls great network and wifi, i can rate it a 5star

  • no name

Just got a pixi face was locked took one hour to unlock it, really low battery life should have stuck with the LG I used to have will be getting rid of this pixi soon

  • AnonD-639998

This phone runs ok (BUT ONLY FOR THE PRICE) until you start adding apps. Once you've less than 800mb of internal storage left it can't cope with even light use ie) 10 apps running in the background. It's camera is absolute crap, the images are not at all good enough quality for even social media like FB. I have had many smartphones, but nothing has lagged like this thing.
I even rooted my Pixi 3(4) and removed all bloatware, it still lags the same.
Save up the money and get a Motorola G4. Worst smartphone i've used in years.

  • Anonymous

Lol, when I first got it, I was initially blocked out by a pin. I'm thinking "Yeah, thanks for the Christmas present, but I think I'll stick to my Windows phone, thanks! :)"

  • Anonymous

Takes sooo long to launch an app

  • Anonymous

I find this phone very laggy and to be honest, it is a piece of s***. It has low storage and a lower battery life. Can't wait to get rid of iy

  • Hello

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2016just bought the pixie 3 4.5, it's ok for what i need it for, th... moreSame here

  • FranckMontreal

Amazing phone.
Solid and for the price it's perfect

  • ...

Aoweking1979, 11 Dec 2016I've had this phone about 9 months. I've had zero problems with ... moremine is randomly delecting contacts!!! like what the hell! its happened 3 days in a row now.

  • boring bob

i have owned this phone?for a day says i have 4voicemail messages when call vmail i have no messages.

  • Aoweking1979

I've had this phone about 9 months. I've had zero problems with it except it does get a bit laggy after using multiple apps but using a cache cleaning app I have takes care of that. 1.5ghz processor is not bad for speed but if your a gamer thus phone is not for you. Decent phone for a teenager but not so good for the more technically advanced person!!!

  • narky

Onetouch Care keeps popping up and it will not cancel or accept. When it pops up it stop me from answering call. COSTING a fortune having to ring back and loosing business!

  • AnonD-383472

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2016Whybis eavry bady getting mad over a compass learn your direction s Exactly. We are humans not... Adventurous navigators!