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alcatel Pop C9

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  • Jett

Anonymous, 22 Aug 2019Anyone still using this phone ?I still use this phone and I plan to root it as well, but for some reason, even after hard reset, the phone has a tendency to bootloop when turning the wifi on

  • Predator

I owned many phones over the years:
Siemens C60
Motorola V220
Sony Ericsson W300i
Nokia 7230
(and many other in between for a month or two)
Then smartphones:
Huawei Ascend G510i
Alcatel OneTouch Pop C9
Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Prime
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X
Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro (right now)

I have to admit this phone.. The Alcatel OneTouch POP C9 is by far the best. It had the most beautiful screen out of all the smartphones I ever owned to this day. The camera was soooo good. Some of the best photos that I've ever taken were shot on this phone.. In low light it was incredible. The performance allowed me to play any game I wanted. It had very small bezels. Beautiful color and sturdy build. Awesome audio from the headphone jack.

This phone fully satisfied all my needs like no other. Sometimes I wish I never upgraded and kept it to this day for 5+ years. Sometimes I wish I had it to this day. I feel like I wouldn't have missed on anything.

I wish Alcatel made slightly better phones so I could get my hands on one these days, but the value that Xiaomi brings to the table is just unmatched so I am sticking with Xiaomi... But this phone holds a dear place in my heart and forever will. It's like that special ex that you wish it worked out with and deep inside you know he/she was the one even after you you've been married to someone else for years.

  • Stefan

Still using ,rooted to free memory .Still among best perfomance for night shot in main camera,surprised me

  • Anonymous

Anyone still using this phone ?

  • Anonymous

Try to free memory

  • Anonymous

Anyone know the cause of slow operation .Transfer many application to sd to release memory ,but still slow load .Does it matter the age of this phone ?

  • joan

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2018Anyone still using this phone ? Some questions for useYes, I'm still using this phone.

  • Anonymous

Anyone still using this phone ? Some questions for use

  • Mario

Still using this phone.Nice working than age.Nice main photo camera too

  • korakisa

The problem with Google Store can solve if free phone memory .Transfer applications to sd card .There are many tools to download for do this .Also Google Store and alcatel similar app often doing updates of the program when connected to network.Let phone complete download and install new version before use each application

  • Bastian

Argel, 15 Jun 2017Hi, are all of you experincing the same that I experience. I can... moreYes,
i have the same problem and not yet found a solution... Sometimes I just use the alcatel app store.. but it does not have all the up-to-date updates...

  • Argel

Hi, are all of you experincing the same that I experience. I cant download thru Google Store Even though I have enough memory. Can anyone help me for this? Thanks in advance

  • Argel

AnonD-631786, 12 Jan 2017Can i ask a help.?? I can't install any application on my alcate... moreHi, even me, I cant download apps on my C9. Im just using application.

  • tiRdz

what is the serial number in sim slot plastic flap cover of alcatel pop c9 ?

  • eshwar

Why it is not coming after reset also?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-631786, 12 Jan 2017Guys can you help me? I can't install any application on my alca... more
what did say when you try to install apps, problem may be insufficient space in the memory or the data and time are wrong

  • AnonD-631786

Guys can you help me? I can't install any application on my alcatel pop c9??

  • AnonD-631786

Can i ask a help.?? I can't install any application on my alcatel pop c9??

  • Anonymous

T-Thrash, 08 Dec 2016This has been a wonderful mobile phone up until mid this year, w... more
when you connect your phone to a PC, then read only the data from the SD card. but the problem is not in the phone but SD card is problematic, I had a problem with ''kingston card'' so I replaced the drive with a ''san disk card'' and now I have no problems and see that the card is not greater than 32GB. for lost data if you want, then write your e mail and send you a portable program and you can use it via your pc.
This program does not request the installation

  • T-Thrash

This has been a wonderful mobile phone up until mid this year, when I tried to get a video off the internal memory and it wiped EVERYTHING. Like, it wasn't even showing up on the computer as a phone. It just showed the SD card (which was also wiped but managed save it). Had to factory reset, lost most of my files and settings, and I couldn't find any recovery software for the stuff that wasn't backed up. As far as I can tell it happens when you plug it in.

It's done it again today, and I'm ready to throw it off my hill. Anyone have anything similar happen?