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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2019im sorry but alcatel is a budget phone company of course th... moreWell I paid two thousand 500 in Mexico I have only had it for a few months and it gave problems of restarting and loss of memory card , right out of the box. What trash . I could have got a Moto with a bit smaller screen for the Same price . Pure garbage. And I didn't even get through this message without the phone losing the page 3 times . Save yourself the frustrating , I want to break my phone syndrome . Buy anything but Alcatel or Nokia , who manufactured this peice of dung. Never in all my years of owning Android's have I ever been so angry at a phone. Stop !! Don't buy it !!

  • Anonymous

Nešo, 05 May 2019It's the best phone , and I would say that anyone should buy it.Really . You must work for the company. Pure junk right out of the box new . Restrts at random constantly just drops any app , calls , or anything you try to do I have had better phones from years ago . Don't find out the hard way. Just don't buy this junk . Mine is only a few months old and it gave me problems right out of the box.

  • Brian

Dogspurt, 18 Aug 2019An awful phone, don't buy it! especially from the 3 UK netw... moreI currently own an Alcatel 5006g . I have only had it a few months it gave me problems right out of the box ., Restarting whenever it wants and losing access to memory card , causing restart whenever it wants. Will drop calls and any other app constantly. Takes 5 to 10 min to restart. , And literally does this all day. Biggest peice of gàbage Android I have ever owned. Super slow and so frustrating that i constantly scream and want to break it into pieces. Junk. The seller should be ashamed for robbing the people . I could have got a real cell phone for the same price . Never buy Alcatel. Just pure trash and frustrating . Think I am exaggerating ? Just use this phone a few days even new out of the box and you will want to smash it. As far as that manufacturer, I guess they think a one time sale is all they need they certainly where not thinking about keeping customers. I think the only thought of them was to unload their mistakes on the people at the buyers expense... Pure crap . Don't buy this phone..

  • Kat

Classic Guy, 30 Jan 2020the battery is removable and sure its trash but if you give... moreI wouldn't be so mean as to give this annoying non working excuse for a phone to a child.
Nokia owning alcatel should be embarrassed

  • Kat

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2020There are TWO versions of the U5: 4G and 3G. Was tricked by... moreIt was absolutely the worst phone I've ever had. I thought the crap I put up with it doing,like constantly stopping to put on home screen that some app or system wasn't responding and to close the app,which I never had open was annoying as,it was useless and considering alcatel is owned by Nokia i expected better.

  • Anonymous

There are TWO versions of the U5: 4G and 3G. Was tricked by vodafone that it allegedly has "4G and 12MP camera", but in reality i got the 3G version, which has a "8MP"(in reality 5MP interpolated) camera that cannot even focus and has garbage image quality, and android 7(!)
running on an awfully slow MT6580 and 1gb ram, with 8gb storage. It would lag doing anything at all, even receiving a few watsapp messages would make it stutter to death, and battery life is the worst i ever saw, it drains in 4 hours or less if you use cellular data, RAM is at 80% AVERAGE.
and idk if the 4gb version with the mt6737 and android 6 runs better, but the 3g version should've had android 4.4 at best, nougat is just too overkill for that trash SOC. just save yourself some headaches and buy something with at proper SOC and more RAM/storage, you will thank me later.


gh0st, 25 Oct 2019Only for sms, or calling. Its trash for things other than that.thank you.

  • Classic Guy

the battery is removable and sure its trash but if you give it to a little kid its great.

  • Random guy

If you just need a phone for calling or texting I would recommend but if you want a phone for different thing it belongs in the trash

  • gh0st

Nešo, 05 May 2019It's the best phone , and I would say that anyone should buy it.Only for sms, or calling. Its trash for things other than that.

  • John

I realise you get what you pay for but I wouldn't have paid for all the stress and frustration had I known what I was in for when I purchased this heap of rubbish.

  • gh0st

I've owned this phone for a month now, and sometimes the battery drains within 1 hour! The camera is honestly worse than a 2010 phone, it's slow. Not worth it.

  • ShrimpOnBarbie

In Oz, was on special for $19 at Target many months ago. Got one simply for a backup phone for calls and a select few important apps. WOW!! At $19 it is still $18 more than you should pay. This phone should only be used for calls/sms. Use it for anything else and expect anger levels to rise. This phone is garbage, and it retails still for $99. Crap.

  • Dogspurt

An awful phone, don't buy it! especially from the 3 UK network. This already dire offering was made worse by 3 removing the native FM radio function and installing their unwanted Three App Cloud bloatware, as if being stuck with the non-renovable Alcatel apps weren't bad enough! The U5 manages its limited memory badly, and will only allow SD card storage if the card is formatted specifically for the device.

After eleven months of constant frustration the phone went into a death spiral, losing its battery charge even as I looked at it on a number of occasions. Enraged by its refusal not to allow any attempt to use it as it recharged I smashed it against a wall and put an end to this farce once and for all. If this is an example of what Alcatel priduces, this company is certain to go out of business - the sooner the better!


U5 is abysmally SLOW transferring data via pc.come on lads, wake up.good cure for insomnia...........................

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2018So I've seen this phone in catalogues and stuff and i'm jus... moreYes I recommend buying it if you are just looking for a phone to make and receive calls but other than that the Alcatel U5 is more on the slow side. So if your looking to do other things on this phone I don't recommend buying this phone.


  • igor

i doesn"t like this phone

  • Effie

What a waste of money! In training & it won't hook up to wi-fi-am told it's because phone is too slow. Cheap yes but if I just wanted something to simply make & accept calls I could have gotten much cheaper. Total fizzer in my books,

  • Nešo

It's the best phone , and I would say that anyone should buy it.

  • PKay

I am sorry to say that I regret owning one. Screen freezes every now and then, phone becomes warm. I will advice you get a better phone. Very poor technology