Entire iPhone 12 lineup will miss out on 120Hz displays, says Ming-chi Kuo

Peter, 15 September 2020

Ming-chi Kuo wrote in his most recent research note that the iPhone 12 models will not have 120Hz screens – due to battery life considerations, claims the analyst. An earlier report from another source pointed the finger at supply issues with the driver ICs.

Anyway, Apple will reportedly wait until 2021 when it will use high refresh rate screens based on the more power-efficient LTPO technology. These are 5-15% more efficient than LTPS OLED panels, which should help offset the higher power draw (Apple already uses LTPO displays in its Watch).

Kuo adds that the smallest phones in the line-up, the 5.4” iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, will feature narrower notches so that there will be more room for status indicators to the left and right of the notch. The larger 6.1” and 6.7” models will keep the notch size on par with the iPhone 11 generation.

All Apple iPhone 12 models will miss out on 120 Hz displays, says Ming-chi Kuo

Apple will livestream an even later today, which will likely bring two new Apple Watches and a new iPad Air. The analyst believes that the watches will be based on the current model - the major change to the Watch 6 will be the addition of a blood-oxygen sensor. A major Apple Watch redesign will come in the second half of 2021 or later.

As for the iPad Air, it is said to retain its Touch ID sensor, however it will move from the front to the side where it will be integrated into the Power button. This will allow Apple to slim down the bezels, similar to the iPad Pro tablets. More on what to expect from today’s event here.



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Yes you get around 30 to 45min less, but to many people the high refresh rate is worth the sacrifice. To the others, they simply turn down the screen to 60Hz, and voila. Stop looking for excuses, we ripped Samsung with negative comments for skipping ...

I said that in terms of OS. There is no android company near as good as apple in terms of software support. Hardware is good for most of the companies

You are exactly the type of customer who is easily impressed by numbers only. Please enjoy the huge success Sony and lg have with their smartphones while apple and Samsung enjoy their recognition for best screens by pros.

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