US Samsung Galaxy S10 to get 6 months of premium Spotify for free

Michail, 10 March 2019

To mark the official Galaxy S10 market launch Samsung is treating its US fans with free access to the premium version of Spotify for 6 months. Building on top of the partnership from last year when Spotify became Samsungís official music provider the app will come preinstalled on a bunch of Samsung phones going forward.

The official list of phones to ship with the app includes the Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, S10 5G, Galaxy Fold as well as select Galaxy A Series phones, which are yet to be disclosed.

US owners of Samsungís new devices will be treated a step further with free 6 months of Spotify Premium via a redeemable code in the app. However, that offer is only viable for those who have never used a trial of the service. Hopefully the promo will expand to other countries in the future.



Reader comments

Michail, your article was posted on March 8 but it's dated March 10.

  • Anonymous

On my S10 during the setup process it was possible to select which Samsung and Google apps you want to download. I unchecked Spotify as I don’t use it. Shameful about the forced Facebook spyware though.

What if someone hates, spotify, can we uninstall it? Samsung is getting for having the app pre-installed, also from skype, office, etc, however the cost of the device keeps growing. And is this offer only valid for the US? So it wont be pre-inst...