US Samsung Galaxy S10 to get 6 months of premium Spotify for free

10 March 2019
Screen protectors aren’t the only freebie for new S10 owners

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With the Premium, you are able to download Spotify music and listen to Spotify music offline. If you want to continue to listen to offline Spotify music after stoping subscribing to Premium, you could use Tunelf Spotify Music Converter to get offline Spotify music.

    I have gotten the Samsung Galaxy S10 at hand. At the same time, I can enjoy the Spotify Premium for free for 6 months. It does exactly what it says.
    When I'm getting the free Spotify Premium, I have using DRmare Spotify Playlist Downloader to download offline as MP3 files. And play Spotify music offline on my Gaxaly S10.

      So good. It means that we can use Spotify more conveniently. I got the subscription of Spotify and use it to download the songs I like. Now I can save them offline on the Samsung. Before that, I usually use the Spotify to MP3 Converter from AudFree to keep the songs on my phone and move them to the Samsung for offline listening.

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        • vxs
        • 10 Mar 2019

        Michail, your article was posted on March 8 but it's dated March 10.

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          • 09 Mar 2019

          Aspros, 09 Mar 2019What if someone hates, spotify, can we uninstall it? Samsu... moreOn my S10 during the setup process it was possible to select which Samsung and Google apps you want to download. I unchecked Spotify as I don’t use it.

          Shameful about the forced Facebook spyware though.

            What if someone hates, spotify, can we uninstall it?
            Samsung is getting for having the app pre-installed, also from skype, office, etc, however the cost of the device keeps growing.
            And is this offer only valid for the US? So it wont be pre-installed in every S10?

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              • 08 Mar 2019

              Without buying Samsung we can try for free 3 months Spotify premium.